Monday, April 23, 2012

"I can eat the bread now?"

Yesterday, our eldest son had another milestone. He had his First Communion celebration...yay! It was a long preparation that started in September of last year, and I must say that I am glad he was finally able to participate in this religious rite. The meetings were only once a month, but with everyone's schedule, these days meant a lot of co-ordination!

I ended up making lunch for everyone and asked the guests to bring desserts and drinks (although sis did bring the noodles) before we all headed for church. Here are some pics of the day:)

"All these for me?"

What I wore: gifted Nicole Miller cardi, no-name dress I've had forever, Aldo Calwell heels

Procession after the mass

Look at the paparazzi! It was crazy after the ceremony! Can you see my precious? Heehee...
We do this all over again next year for our middle child:P

Anyways, Happy Monday! How was everyone's weekend?


rooth said...

Congratulations to your oldest and the picture of your kids is SO CUTE! You look wonderful as well btw

The Nature Jotter said...

love the last picture! W&B effect is perfect! :)

Ceciliette said...

Ohh congrats to him!!
you looks so the shoes girl!


Oh to Be a Muse said...

Wow! What an event. Everyone looks so nice and well dressed. Love your Aldo heels.

la vie quotidienne said...

This really is an important event!!
Thanks so much so share it!
You have and adorable family, they have the same special smile like you!
I would like to thank you, your sweet comments on my blog!!

xoxo from M√ľnchen
La Vie Quotidienne

momto8 said...

congratulations on your son receiving this most precious sacrament!!
great pictures!!

Sunny & Star said...

Everyone looks amazing. You have an adorable family.

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Elle Sees said...

YOUR DAUGHTER is the freaking cutest thing ever. congrats to your beautiful boy.

Shoe Bell(i)e said...

Awwww lookey at the fam! I love how the lil one looks like she's the one having her first communion the way she's dressed LOL and look at our young man!... Love the pix!!!

chiaweb said...

too cute!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Emmy said...

Thanks, everyone:)

little t said...

Love all the photos- the kids are TOO cute. You looked great, nice outfit!

poziomka said...

All of you look great!!

Rachel said...

aw adorable, congrats! xo

June said...

They are so cute! You're looking so pretty and ladylike!
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