Grin and bear it!

I don't why I always have this smile on my face when I take the blog pics. Am I just too happy, or perhaps, I'm unknowingly trying to audition for a teeth commercial?

Adidas jacket, top from Forever 21, leggings from Urban Behavior, Topshop trainers

Happy Tuesday, everyone:)


Vanessa V. said…
Awww dear, you always look great and your little one is really, really cute!

xoxo (and I'm back yay)!
rooth said…
Hey, I LIKE your smile. My family always gets mad at me because I don't smile with teeth
Adam said…
nice adidas jacket
Elle Sees said…
I love your smile! I hate when bloggers feel the need to be so serious & smoldering all the time. give us a smile!
lovely post! keep smiling! ;)

noone said…
haha those are cute pictures of you! and I like your shoes!
Ashley said…
It's most definitely the teeth commercial one :-) You are so cute!
Unknown said…
Emmy, your daughter looks so adorable with her leopard shoes & I like the pop of color in your outfit!
Priscilla said…
Wow your posts are so amazing and this one really inspires me!

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Shoe Belle said…
I see you started rocking those kicks, nice!:p And love the lil one's blog pose hehe
Allison said…
I'm glad you always do have that smile, Emmy, because it's super contagious!! And I love the way the new sneakers look- that style is growing on me daily!
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Plami said…
I think it's so lovely you're always smile :) You make me smile as well :)

Oh to Be a Muse said…
I knew you would pull these shoes off so well! They look great in this outfit. I smile in virtually all of my outfit photos too...I can't help it.
Always Maylee said…
Ahh she's so cute! I love your smile, so smile away! :)

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee
Emmylou said…
Thank you, all, for the sweet comments. And I meant toothpaste commercial. I don't know why I put "teeth" :P
ilovetrends said…
I like your smile! I'm sure that you're a really nice and funny person ;)
Josie said…
Keep smiling Emmy you gots a lovely smile guuurl! xxx
MrsBitchface said…
love your shoes, and love your smile! love the way that take pictures for the blog makes you happy, but look at that little smile, as soon as she starts with a blog, you will have a good adversary!!

I love your shoes so muchhhh and the cute lil girl LOL :)