Obsession #16

Oh Mulberry, why do you have to make all these pretty little things?

all images from www.facebook.com/Mulberry
Del Rey bag

Soft Biker jacket (very Girl-With-Dragon-Tattoo, eh?)

Maisie bag
I'd be happy with owning just one of these...sigh....

What are you guys currently obsessing over?


  1. I have totally been dying over the Del Rey bag - I'm with you, WHY MUST THEY DO THIS?!

  2. i love that last bag! omg, i want ittt

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  3. the blue bag, the blue bag me wants.. for now I'm obsessed with what gifts I should get for hubby's birthday, but it's almost sorted, happy days!

  4. You're rigth! I love the first bag :)

  5. Like the maisie bag.. even if its sort of a dejavu to the alexa one.. great idea!

  6. Those are some stunning bags things, Emmy! I'm currently obsessing over the Valentino rockstud shoes...one day, one day! ;)

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  7. Like the bikres jacket, very cool!

    These days i was hopping to get a camo shirt!

  8. Great obsession too, ladies:) TY to all for commenting.

  9. Oh, great minds! I featured Mulberry bags on my blog today too. Definitely love that Maisie bag!

  10. Mulberry is my favourite brand, obsessed with that jacket and the Del Rey bag, so much so that the black version is my screen saver (is that too sad?) xxx


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