This is how we do it!

Just thought I'd show you all how the "photo shoot" usually happens around here, from beginning to the final shot. The shots are usually done with the camera set on a ten-second timer, and you know what I found out? A lot can happen in ten seconds!

The final edit:
top from Urban Outfitters, Rebecca Beeson leggings, Topshop shoes

Sigh...such is the exciting life I lead. Trying to avoid getting hurt by a toddler is a struggle everyday!


  1. Love this outfit, the leggings are awesome! Haha, I do love it when your cute kids join in :D

  2. Love these pictures and your outfit is very nice :)


  3. Thanks, guys:) Have a good Sunday!

  4. haha too cute. happy thanksgiving!

  5. Too funny! Love the last pose of the lil one, ole! lol

  6. Bel post!!!

    Me piace molto tuo blog... passa da me se ti va!

    Buona settimana.. Bacii

  7. love your outfit!!! but please, look at your little one on the third picture! hahahah "twinkle, twinkle, little star"!!

  8. haha, but she's so cute!! And she makes the photos so much fun! I love how she's always sneaking into them- makes me smile every time! And I love the striped leggings- look so comfy!

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  9. Your little photo bomber seems like she's getting more and more aggressive about taking over your shots :) You've raised a DIVA


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