I noticed I've done this pose quite a lot in my outfit posts, thinking that it makes me look all demure...I think it just looks like I'm always scratching my head though.
Roots jacket, Theory shirt, Current/Elliott jeans, ASOS boots

For those of you who do outfit posts a lot, do you have a standard pose that you do?


  1. I do... and my entire family teases me about it. But my sister does as well so one day we traded photo poses - it was quite hilarious

  2. Would love to see that pose, Rooth:) And TY, Sofie!

  3. Haha dw I've never thought you were scratching your head! I'm sooo awkward in front of a camera, it's why I prefer mirror pics. Loveee your boots xxx

  4. You always rock the best boots. I've tried that pose too, but it makes me look stupid, lol.

  5. haha not really one standard pose...maybe a few awkward ones? lol! anyway love those floral pants! <3

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  6. I think it's a cute pose---I find that I'm always redoing the same poses as well-I just get comfortable in the same positions! And of course, your cute daughter repeats the same poses too! So funny! love your floral pants & boots!

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  7. I love your shoes, from all your posts :) I'm going to do an outfit post at some point, just for fun, and because a friend of mine sounded enthusiastic at the thought, but later on, in spring..

  8. I have never thought you were scratching your head (well not until now you have mentioned it lol) I always thought that pose was demure and cute, especially as you are smiling :) I am boring with my poses, I do hands on hips big massive cheesy grin hahaha it's the only way I can feel comfortable in front of the camera though as despite my massive grins in my photos I do feel a bit of a nob standing there having my photo taken lol. Get a drink down me though and it is a whole different story. Next time I have a night out I am going to do my outfit photos on the night out, you will laugh, it will be leg up on the table, laying on the floor etc etc, I am stupid when I am drunk :p

    I looove those jeans by the way, you look very cute. And your daughter, she is just too adorable!!!

    Janine xx
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  9. I think I only have about 2 different poses too, haha. Love those floral pants!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  10. Emmy those pants are sooo cute! and your little one always looks like such a doll:-)

  11. Emmy those pants are sooo cute! and your little one always looks like such a doll:-)

  12. Very nice outfit and you have such lovely pants!

  13. On Instagram, my selfies are me looking at the mirror, hand on hip. I feel so dumb smiling at the phone and I get such crap about it!!!

  14. Ha! My standard pose is deer in the headlights!!!! Just kidding, but I do tend to smile way too wide like a crazy person... need to tone it down a bit! I like your pose- you look adorable!

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Holly Foxen Wells

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  15. Love those jeans, the print's so pretty! x


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