Why are you taking pics in a parking lot?

...and my answer to the question above is, "Because I can." Bwahahaha! But really, I'm always in awe of bloggers whose pics are taken in different locations. I don't know how y'all do it! I always feel so self-conscious when I take outfit pics outside my yard. You guys have to give me tips.

Forever 21 jacket, JET by John Eshaya tunic, no-name leggings, Roots desert boots, LV bag

Hope you all have a great Sunday:) XOXO


  1. beautiful!!:):)Your blog is so lovely! I'm thinking, if you want, we can follow each other! It would be great!!
    xoxo Gloria

  2. I am the worst at being photographed and sometimes even taking pics myself in public places, even if that is the most touristic place ever! I feel like everybody is looking at me with menacing eyes :)) I thought I'd die when I had to go take pics at a corporate event.. phew!

  3. Very cute outfit, are you without socks? If so then I take my hat off to you (well my imaginary hat that is as someone bought the hat I had my eye on, boo hoo!)

    I haven't done any outfit shots outside yet but this week is going to be the week I will do! I leave for work at 8am when it is dark and get home from work at 6pm when it is dark so it will have to be a weekend when I do outfit shots outside, maybe I could get Mr Bertie to take some today for me?

    Janine xx

  4. Heehee....Janine, you're too funny. And that's what the other halves are for, Janine...to take our pics...some days anyway....
    And yes....no socks! I hate them even when it's -40 outside.
    Mila, we are totes the same!

  5. Ha ha, I know right?? I am always in the house or the front porch! Scared to go out in to the world!! We should make this our resolution this year!!

    Happy Sunday to you and your fam!


  6. oops, the coat is MINE!!! LOL

  7. love your coat.happy holidays

    how about following each other? if yes, please let me know.♥

  8. Haha I even feel silly taking photos in my room! You look fab though, love this outfit. Those shoes are so nice, I've wanted a pair of desert boots for ages xxx

  9. hehhee, of course you can! Love it, Emmy! I feel embarrassed sometimes too to take photos in public! :) That's why I take them in my backyard for the most part. Some people are just natural and can pose anywhere! :) Love your shoes, BTW.

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  10. I agree, it's so hard to get out of the confines of a trusty location unless you have a fellow fashion blogger with you - that way the two of you can just bask in taking photos and not care about other people! :D

    Wish & Wear

  11. Oh I love your coat, it's so fabulous!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  12. I really like desert boots - are they comfy??

  13. Cute pattern mix. I am still not 100% comfy when I take pics out and about because people do look at you, but it's worth it in the end because I believe those photos turn out better than the ones taken inside. My advice: just tune out everything except for the camera, or find a quiet place in a park.

  14. Lovely coat and boots! Also, very cute tunic!

  15. Haha, you're so cute. I love the coat! I will have to go about to take more shots when I'm away. I do like taking shots outside though!


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