Valentine-Inspired Nails

To celebrate the day of love (which really should be everyday, right?), here are my pink-and-red nails. I don't really do nail art (unfortunately), but I thought doing the two colours would be fun.:)

I used these two China Glaze polishes.

What are you all planning for Feb 14th? Anything special?

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  1. so nice.. maybe I'll have mine done today again, since yesterday I removed my (1 day) old colour, which happened to be dark red.. but doing the nails is a pain for me, since I have to waste time til they get dry, and Pickles always comes around for playing.. I've got to buy some super good quick drying top coat or something..

  2. I hate waiting for my nails to dry too, Mila:P The best topcoat that dries quicky, I find, is Seche Vite.

  3. Love the valentine's day nails, so cute!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  4. I think this is well done. I would commend you for doing nail art considering you being a mommy of 3 kids and all, so I'm all for the dual color polishes. I don't have any plans for Feb 14 other than dinner I suppose. It's always about food!

  5. So cute! The Perfect Colors for Valentines Day! I love China Glaze as well!
    Instagram: Cmichellestyles

  6. Your nails look super cute! I wish I were motivated to paint mine! I've been seeing cute designs everywhere! :)

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  7. Aww, I like that - happy valentine's day!

  8. Nice colour combination.
    Happy V's day!

  9. Valentine's day, and I'm still sitting here. Doing things like everyday. Usual stuff, yeah.


  10. Happy Valentine's Day, everyone:) TY for taking the time to comment. XOXO

  11. Great manicure!
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  13. I love your manicure. The red and pink together are so pretty.

    Happy Valentine's Day.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  14. Cool idea to play with your nails on this theme day! happy Vday!

  15. I'm late, but happy valentine's day! xxx

  16. i love these!! my nerve damage has kept me away from visiting blogs, but i'm back and am getting all caught up on yours! :)

  17. I like these they look cute :) China Glaze is my favourite for nail polish, it lasts so long :)

    Janine xx
    Bake, Glue and Trend!


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