A Day At The Museum (Picture-Heavy)

Over the weekend, we were able to go to the Royal Ontario Museum. We have not been there for awhile, and boy...were we glad to have had the chance to go back. Why? Because of the Ultimate Dinosaurs exhibit! It's leaving on March 17th, so if you guys are in the Toronto area (or planning to visit for March Break...hint hint), go now! I highly recommend:)

A word of warning: Do plan to spend your whole day in there. There is sooo much to see, and you wouldn't want to miss anything. It's truly an educational place for everyone:)

Below are the pics taken that day...enjoy:)
Glass structure outside the ROM designed by Michael Lee-Chin 

 Aside from the Ultimate Dinosaurs exhibit, the rest of the museum is pretty amazing too.

Awesome bat cave

Mini Acropolis

 From the Textile and Costume exhibit:

P.S. We left the little princess with my sister-in-law, as we knew we were going to be walking a lot, and we didn't want her too exhausted:) However, young ones are certainly welcome in the museum.

Of course, we had to get her a souvenir....:)

Have any of you been to the ROM?


Beauty Follower said…
I like the building design!
Beauty Follower said…
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Emmylou said…
I like it too:)
Always Maylee said…
So fun! I used to love going to museums when I was younger!

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee
Heather said…
I love going to museums! It always makes me feel like a kid :)

Pearls & Paws
Vision By Mila said…
I like museums generally, but I have to be in the "museum mood" to actually go in.. so I could even visit all in 1 day if the mood really kicks in, or sometimes none.. I like the animal and jewelry sections.
Emmylou said…
Thank you all for commenting. Going to museums do bring out the kid in us:) Mila, you'll love the ROM coz it has something for everyone:)
Sharon said…
Maybe I'm strange, but I've never really been to any museum! It seems so cool though. The only museum I've ever been to was the perfume museum in Köln, Germany!
Shon said…
What fun.
I was a total dinosaur freak growing up! This museum is chock full of many interesting exhibits. The costumes are gorgeous.

I saw a rather chic Emmy in one of the shots too. hee hee.

Looks like a wonderful family outing.
Sandra Martinez said…
Thanks for your comment!! You're amazing :)
Great photos!!
Check my new post in:
meghan silva said…
Looks like a phenomenal exhibit .

xo Meg<3

Meghan Silva's Blog
Adam said…
I miss the old dino exhibit as a child. I still have a photo somewhere posing with a T-Rex with it's head bursting through the wall.
Josie said…
I love museums! This one looks fab, like it has a bit of everything! xxx
Bow Tied Beauty said…
Looks like a lovely day Emmy! Love going to museums and exhibitions, if you're ever in London you definitely go to the natural history museum :) x

Emmylou said…
Glad you guys are liking the pics. And yes...would love to go to London to see the museums there too, BTT:)
Ceciliette said…
Its amazing how you loose track of time inside the museums right!!?
June said…
That looks like a really cool museum! I love dinosaurs :) Check out my Dubai post hun!
Oh to Be a Muse said…
The structure of the outside of the museum is really cute. And who doesn't love a good dino exhibit? :)

Unknown said…
nice exhibit !
ilovetrends said…
I'm sure your kids had a great time there!!
And the little princess is so cute with her present :)
Anonymous said…
Wow, what a cool museum, beautiful pictures!
Unknown said…
I generally try to avoid museums, but this one is very cool..I bet you and your family had a great time!
Allison said…
awww that sounds like such a great time, Emmy!! I remember that I always LOVED the dinosaur exhibits when I was younger and to be honest, I wouldn't mind going to one now! I don't ever hear about them anymore!! I'm totally planning to live in museums once I have kids (although I say that now, I'm sure in reality, I would get worn out quickly!)

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Vision By Mila said…
If you read the book I mentioned, be aware it's somewhat erotic and quite intense book overall, or so it was for me.. have a good (sunny) day!