Life as we know it

Just another outfit for running around:) It's starting to warm up a tiny little bit over here, so hopefully, this will be one of the last few weeks I'll be wearing a winter coat...fingers crossed!
Forever 21 jacket, Zara sweater, LEI jeans, Doc Martens boots

And on another news... Rooth was kind enough to tell me (BIG THANK YOU, Rooth) that my submission for the New York Times Readers' Street Style for the week of March 18th got picked...yay!!! Here is the link:)

I follow NYT on Twitter, and when they retweeted NYT Fashion asking for street style photos of the boyfriend jeans, I thought I'd give it a shot. I know my looks and style are not for everyone, so I was so surprised! Thank you, New York Times:)


Always Maylee said…
So awesome, congrats on making the NYT! :)

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee
Elle Sees said…
Congrats!!!! That's too awesome!!!!!!
Oh to Be a Muse said…
You look great in that winter coat! So although I want it to be warmer for you, I wouldn't mind if you had to wear that coat again. And congrats on your street style photo!

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Vision By Mila said…
Uuu, are you famous now? Do I get to tell I know someone famous? :D I loved that outfit too, so congratulations!
Olga Zgonnik said…
LOVE the coat!
MrsBitchface said…
totally in love with your coat!!!

Unknown said…
love your shoes girl !
Allison said…
wooohooooo! Congrats to you for being featured in NY Times! you totally deserve it!!!! Your looks are unique and that's what makes you amazing! :)

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Unknown said…
CONGRATULATIONS! I'm so loving the look its very cool and effortless..
Unknown said…
Congrats :-) cool outfit
Yara Mel said…
loved your boots :D

shall we follow each other?
Jessica said…
That coat is so great. Being chosen must be so exciting. Congrats. I thought your boyfriend jeans look was wonderful.

Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

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Beautiful combination!
Emmylou said…
Thank you, all, for the lovely comments. :)
June said…
You're kinda lucky its warming up a bit there! Its bloody hot here now and will just get worse
Ceciliette said…
Love this look, i feel a Kate Moss vibe ;) ahahah
Cmichellestyles said…
Love your hair!
Bhushavali said…
Yippee! Congrats on being selected by NY Times! :)
And I totally love your jacket! Its awesome. I love all things animal print, and this is too good!!! :)
Thanks for stopping over my blog dear.
Don't forget to follow me too on Bloglovin, G+, GFC etc if you like! :)
rooth said…
Love it - rock it you stylish beast you :)
Oliva uns said…
I love The look:))
Come and see me and if you want we can follow each other :)

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