Versatile Blogger Award

Thank you, Mila, for the award:) If you haven't visited her site, go do so. She always has amazing photos on her posts, and her comments always make me laugh:)

So, for this, I'm sharing 7 things about me:

1) Aside from reading, I like to play the ukulele in my spare time :) (I should point out that I'm not the best player. I just do it for fun:D)

2) I love mango salad.

3) I drink a glass of red wine every night.

4) I'm trying to teach myself case, you know, I time-travel back to ancient Rome. Admittedly, I'm not learning as fast as I used to.

5) I love Miley Cyrus' look, especially the one below when she attended the MET Gala this year.
image from
6) I hate rats! HATE!

7) I really want to learn how to snowboard.

I would like to pass this Versatile Blog Award to everyone who reads this post, and feels like doing it:)

Have a great Friday, everyone:)


Michaela said…
I had Latin classes in highschool, I know Pater Noster! And some proverbs and sayings! Repetitio est mater studiorum! haha.. I like M.C's lipstick in the photo, though I would look terrible if I were to wear that shade..
Emmy said…
Mila, I should ask you to tutor me:D All the memorization of the nouns and verbs, plus the declensions, are hard!
Always Maylee said…
I love that you play the ukulele. My husband used to be a professional snowboarder (he raced and taught). So he tried to teach me.. and I seriously am so bad at it! I have to go like 1mph.. slower than all the kids whizzing by me, haha!

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee
Rakel said…
Love Miley! :) have a nice day!
Beauty Follower said…
Doctors suggest a glass of red wine evryday for good health!
I finad Miley Cyrus' look quite funny :)
I actually do a little snowboarding (but I wouldn't say I'm great at it)

Love that you play the ukulele...while reading GOT. Good luck learning latin...I hear it's very hard.

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Adam said…
I wish I could snowboard but there's no snow here.
chanel said…
cool blog luv ur style it really suits u!!!
check out my blog when you can and follow if u like.
Marta said…
Compliments for the award :)
Ira Kharchenko said…
I love the pics! So beautiful:)

Win a pair of sunglasses:
oh Miley is pretty rock n roll on these pics !
LeeLee said…
Great post. I really want to learn how to snowboard, too.
Josie said…
I love posts like these! I've never tried mango salad before but I really want to now xxx
rooth said…
Wow, did not know you were learning Latin in your free time. That's impressive Emmy
Elle Sees said…
i took latin in college (i had a minor in linguistics) and don't remember much at all!
the uke thing is so rad!!
Regine Karpel said…
Love these kinds of posts!