Book raves: The Craft and Living In Style

Just thought I'd share with you two new fashion/beauty books I really love:

The Craft: DIY Hair and Beauty by Lou Teasdale and Living In Style by Rachel Zoe

Different target audience, but I enjoyed both:)

 Rachel Zoe's book is filled not only with fashion advice, but also tips on hair &makeup,  house decorating and stuff like how to host a party and travelling. I'm a sucker for this type of books, and Rachel dispenses great advice in my opinion. The book also has gorgeous photos for inspiration.

I want this whole setup, guys!

Lou Teasdale is the hair and makeup person for One Direction, so I think The Craft is geared for teen-agers (I'm definitely not part of the target audience...ahem....), although there is a short section on tattoos, so I don't know.....I love this book just because it's filled with fun and non-traditional beauty tips. There are also product recommendations for different price points (most are UK products, but you can order them online). 
The book is also done like a small scrapbook, and who doesn't love that? (There are also stickers inner tween is happy:D)

Have you read any of the two books? What hair/makeup/fashion books do you like?


  1. I am not the target audience for the Lou Teasdale Book either...:-) but I do think the Rachel Zoe's book will be a good one to try.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. Rachel Zoe's book is on my wishlist :-)

  3. I probably wouldn't buy books like these for myself, but if I saw one lying around on someone's coffee table I'd definitely look in it :-)

  4. That closet Rachel Zoe has is FABULOUS! I wouldn't know what to do with myself if I had it. HAHAHAHA Great books Emmy. I haven't read a style book in awhile. The last one (that I still have) is by Kimora Lee Simmons (Fabulosity). It was really good. She talked about her ups and downs.

  5. I love Rachel Zoe! Watched every season of her tv shows!

  6. I like this kind of books and at the same time I don't, because I can't afford all that stuff anyway, so for me it's like "what's the point" getting tempted, just so I can't have. In hair related things, on the other hand, I'm always interested, though I never wear fancy styles, quite the contrary.

  7. I must buy The Craft: DIY Hair and Beauty by Lou Teasdale

  8. The Craft looks like such a fun book! Rachel Zoe is amazing, I bet her book is fab xxx

  9. The craft: DIY hair and beauty sounds really interesting to me!! Loved this post :)


  10. I'm so curious about that book by Rachel Zoe!
    Have a lovely day my sweet Emmy!
    Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook

  11. i really wana check out the RZ book. love her!!

  12. rachel zoe's book sounds amazing. i love everything she touches upon!


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