Currently Loving #25

These stuff I'm currently loving are definitely obsessions I will probably have for a long time:)

1) Filth (can be seen on Netflix)
I have always been a James McAvoy fan, but! This film... he was just so amazing as the main character Bruce Robertson that I can't stop gushing about him.

This is a very dark film based on Irvine Welsh's book (Just bought it on Kindle. Looking forward to reading it). Welsh also wrote "Trainspotting", so if you've read that or seen that movie (which I both loved as well), then you know how disturbing his work can be. A lot of scenes are very hard to watch, but guys, James's acting will just blow you away.

 NB: If you're going to search for the film trailer, just a warning: it's NSFW!

2) Fossil Amanda satchel
I was actually deciding between this and another satchel, but hubby said this is a better fit for me, and he was right. This bag is just the perfect size, and can go with a lot of outfits. Best thing: got it on sale!

 3) Janome sewing machine
I've never sewed in my life before getting the Janome SUV1108, but this was so easy to set up and use, and runs like a dream. This is a basic mechanical model, but it does what I need. I'm so excited to learn this new skill.:)

4) Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer
I first heard about this from Zoella, so I thought I'd give it a go. The texture is very light and easy to blend, and it's great for everyday use.

What are you currently loving? Have you seen Filth?


  1. Never knew that Fossil makes bags too, the watches are quite popular over here. I must see of Netflix offers that movie here, and have fun with your sewing machine! Love seeing what it is you make.

  2. Wow hmm lemme search filth!
    I love to watch disturbing things XD
    SCF// Styleccentric Fashion //

  3. Sewing machine! Oh I got mine late last year and I have yet to make something! I was going to make a little patchwork curtain and I just can't get myself to do it. Oy!

  4. Cute bag and yay for the new sewing machine! I'm hoping to go take sewing classes in the fall.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  5. Never even heard of the movie

  6. McAvoy is one of my fave too... I really liked him in ''Atonement'' & ''The last station''!

  7. Love your picks. I'm a McAvoy fan as well, I've not read the book, so interested in checking into this since you recommended it. Janome was one of my first machines that I got for sewing in school, great choice Emmy. <3
    Cast-Iron Cooking

  8. I'm loving your Fossil satchel...the color is so pretty! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! :)

  9. I haven't seen Filth and I can't really recall hearing about it either. Then again, I'm hardly up to date with the movie scene in general so...


  10. I've had Filth on my watchlist for the longest time, I know what I'm doing tomorrow now! Can't wait to see what you sew :) x

    Josie’s Journal

  11. James McAvoy is so talented, and I love your satchel!

  12. I love your new bag Emmy! It's beautiful and functional. Sewing is a good craft to know! Glad you like your sewing machine. You create such beautiful things :D What I'm currently loving is that picture of you and Jason Momoa!!!!!!!!!!!! OMFGD! You have to post that on here! I would've DIED if I saw him in person! You lucky girl!

  13. I'm loving my Shiseido foundation, finally found "the one"! And also loving America's Next Top Model, I really need something easy at evenings. I might check out Filth though. I also seem to be in a "cross-over" bag mode, I have a couple already, they're handy for me these days.

  14. Great post!
    Have a nice evening!
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  15. huge James McAvoy fan.. had heard about this but will now try to check it out..
    I am currently loving the show UnReal on lifetime... I just started watching last night and stayed up way too late binging on it..

  16. i;ve got to check out that show!! great suggestion :)

  17. I love this list, because it is such a mix - just like real life :) I'm already excited to see what you will create with your sewing machine!


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