Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Altered states

I'm one of those people who buy fan shirts, may it be for my favourite TV shows, movies, or musicians. I also like souvenir shirts. I tend to buy the unisex ones and not the ones made for women, which I find are too tight to my liking (even the large ones). These unisex ones are HUGE, which I like, but unfortunately, they are too long which make them all look like my house shirts. What to do?

Solution: I turned them all into cropped tops!

from Hot Topic

Daughter's comment: "You cut it too short. Now, it's mine."
So simple, you guys. I just used my fave cropped top as a length guide, then basically altered the shirt hems. I think it makes all these shirts more wearable, right? (I just hope my love for cropped shirts does not go away soon.)

A few shirts done...a dozen more to go....

Do you wear T-shirts a lot?


  1. very creative solution! love the result it looks good on you <3

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  2. I totally agree with you that the women shirts are always way tighter than on normal shirts! I own a city shirt in XXL (says the tag) which is smaller than one in S from H&M!

  3. I only wear tees around the house but you rock the cropped tee!

  4. very often, Daisy just got a new shirt that says



  5. I love those tees and turning them into crop tops is a cool idea :)

  6. Those are cool and I like the adjustments you made to them Emmy!

  7. great idea to upcycle them!! i need to get back into sherlock. i watched the first season and forgot the rest. i really liked it rhough

  8. The shirts are cool and so is the way you transformed them into crop tops! After that Christmas special, I can't wait for the next season of Sherlock!

  9. These are so cute, cool, and stylish. The Christmas special was good. Have a lovely rest of the week Emmy. Thanks for your comment. x
    Prime Beauty

  10. Great idea to make them fit exactly how you like them. I love that I Am Sher Locked tee. I think I've seen that come in other accessories as well.


  11. Love how you rock a crop top. They don't suit me at all, unfortunately, cause I do like the look of them. ANd I can't wait for new episodes of Sherlock!

  12. love how you cropped them!! to be honest i hold back on buying these types of t-shirts because they always fit me weirdly but i love the idea of transforming them to fit your personal style. love!

  13. That is such a brilliant idea! I love the cropped look!


  14. Great idea! Looks fabulous on you. I have problems with these styles of shirts too, I find the women's ones are not a very flattering cut. I want to buy a shirt for the Australian Open tennis but am fearing a similar problem.

  15. Fun tees!


  16. So well done! I really want to get a sewing machine so I can make alterations like these to my clothes too. I keep running to the tailor instead
    June Wants It All - Indian fashion and lifestyle blog

  17. I'm a huge fan of tshirts AND Sherlock :)

  18. So creative you are!! Cool tshirts!!

    Wish you a very happy new year :)

  19. That's very creative! I love buying fan shirts too, but they're often huge on me!

  20. Clever and well done! My hubby is returning from Florida today, I instructed no more tourist shop t-shirts. So he got me some nice stuff, he's arriving later today, can't wait to dig in the luggage. Better not get lost with connection flight and all.


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