Obsession #38

I've been wanting clogs so bad these days. There's just something so care-free about them, you know?

Ugg Australia Kami (image from www.ugg.com/ca)

Lotta Classic Clogs (image from www.lottafromstockholm.co.uk)

Daubs Clogs (image from freepeople.com)

image from Free People blog

image from Vogue.com
What have you been obsessing over lately?


  1. I can imagine that the ones from Ugg must be very comfortable. And I really want Kate's scarf right now, it's so cold over here!

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  3. Aren't they a bit noisy... no?! lol :)


  4. I'm not convinced with the blogs with the socks underneath! I'm obsessing over a cold jacket I've seen on Asos and hoping they'll lower the price so I watch it every day! Ha! Here:


  5. I can totally see you in a pair of these Emmy! Clogs would not be ideal footwear for my janky ankle but they're not really my style anyway. I'm currently obsessed with Raf Simons x Adidas sneakers XD

    What a bummer about the Beauty Water not being available in Sephora CA. I liked it okay but probably won't repurchase now since I want to try other toners. The Raw Sauce is daebak! It's funny how people got in tizzy that W was pushed back due to the Olympics. It's not an uncommon practice there but people still get worked up. They should just see it as the show ending later ;p Yes I also noticed that the manga version of LJS looks better ;p Honestly I could probably get over his looks if he was a brilliant actor but that's just not the case. Talent is attractive. I envy you being new to K-dramas sometime because you have your pick of shows that have already aired. Sorry about Healer being a bit of a letdown. It wasn't the tightest drama. I may have turned a bit of blind eye because of JCW LOL. Honestly he hasn't been in that many dramas that I want to watch. He really would've slayed in W. Btw I added a few more photos to my Siwan feature which are definitely worth a looksee :D

  6. I still think I have some mules from when I was in hs 20 years ago--Yup, I'm an old lady! hehe ;)

  7. Clogs are really comfy, and this is coming from a person who really is not a big fan of them, and I own two pair with a backing, haha. Love those Daubs Clogs from the Free People image. Happy weekend dear Emmy. x

  8. I think I like them best with the ankle straps!


  9. You should get a pair Emmy! I love those ankle and black pair. So cute.

  10. I've also started to like clogs, but I still have got the time to buy one <3

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  11. So stylish!
    Have a nice week-end!
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  12. I don't think I'll be able to pull off these but I sure am interested to see how you style them, Emmy! I have been obsessing over skincare recently, not so much makeup anymore but my concentration is all on getting flawless skin.

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  13. I'm wanting a pair of clogs, too! Love those from Free People :)

  14. I love how comfy they can be. I also love the modern take on clogs, very cool.


  15. i think they would look so great on you. so 90s too! love it!

  16. You always have the nicest things to show on your blog! Love them, although I have worn heels in ages.. any type of heels. Wanna bet I'd fall down? :D

  17. Beautiful! Hope you have a lovely new week.


  18. Noooooooooo, Emmy, you going Dutch? ;-) Not a fan of clogs.

  19. These are such cute styles of clogs... but never seem to look this cute on me!

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  20. Great choice and nice stylish shoes :)

    Have a wonderful week ahead

  21. I like the ones with the straps. I've never been much a slip on shoe kinda gal


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