Late in the game

I must admit that growing up, I hated wearing turtleneck because I felt like I was always being strangled when I wear one. Oh, how times have changed! Now, I just can't get enough of it. It's such a great staple in a wardrobe.
Saks 5th ribbed turtleneck, dress I sewed using the Merchant and Mills Bantam pattern, Ugg Australia boots
 Unfortunately, this is the only turtleneck top I currently have so you'll be seeing this a lot:D
Because this is my last post for the week, I thought I'd wear red and wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year! Kung Hei Fat Choi!


Marta said…
Oh, I felt the same when I was younger and now I love turtlenecks too! They're so warm and classy :)
Kim Alston said…
Kung Hei Fat Choi Emmy! You look great in red! I'll be celebrating too since I've adopted the holiday as well. HaHaHa I felt the same way about turtlenecks when I was younger! Except if they were ruffled around the neckline and sleeves :P I now have them in basic winter white, black & camel. Love them. They'll never go out of style.
Miu said…
Happy Chinese New Year!
Beauty said…
Beautiful outfit and you did a great job on the dress as usual. Have an amazing new year celebration.
I wore turtlenecks for the longest time until I came to the realization that they're not all that flattering for my body type and now I don't go anywhere near them. Loving this festive combination you put together here. Gotta wear lucky red for CNY! Happy new year to you and your family my friend! Wishing you a happy, healthy and prosperous year of the fire rooster! Have fun celebrating :D
Adam said…
I like wearing them but I can't find them
Anonymous said…
I'm the opposite, haha! I used to wear turtle necks a lot. But now not anymore.
rooth said…
Happy New Year!!
I kind of forgot turtlenecks exist and I used to wear a classic black one all the time with baby doll dresses. I could totally make my summer wardrobe stretch hardcore into winter with a few!
Happy Chinese New Year! It's so funny the things that change as we get older, right? The biggest thing for me is sleep. I used to hate going to sleep as a kid, but now I sometimes wish I could sleep all day, lol.
Vanessa said…
Turtle necks are so flattering on me but I only like then in the serious cold! ;D I still feel a bit of that strangling affect. You look cute in yours :)
Josie said…
I always used to feel this way too but I see all these chic outfits on pinterest and think I may have to reconsider! Happy Chinese New Year Amy x

Sick Chick Chic
Caitlin R said…
I haven't given turtlenecks a proper chance lol but I'm open minded! Looks good on you!

Caitlin, Beauty & Colour
Imogen said…
Always interesting how our opinions change, looks great on you. Your hair gets better and better.
Fashionably Idu said…
Like seriously? I am the biggest fan of turtle necks and wear them a whole lot. A little too much if you ask me haha. It looks great on you and the red is just perfect. I love your uggs.
I love this!

I love turtlenecks now too! You look so wonderful <3

Little Moon Elephant