Take the gold!

Wearing my fave old sweater for the umpteenth time....

No Face sweater from Hot Topic, jeans from Urban Outfitters, Timberland boots

(The title is a line the character No Face says in the movie Spirited Away.)

Because I will buy anything Spirited Away, here's the latest addition to the wardrobe:

Her Universe Studio Ghibli Spirited Away No-Face Kimono from Hot Topic

By the way, today is my eldest's birthday, you guys! (It's also Family Day here in Ontario, so it's a day off school/work.) Weeeeeee!


There's nothing like familiar favourites to wear, when it comes to comfy clothing. I love the Spirited Away no-face kimono top, Emmy! Enjoy Family Day, that is always important! x/Madison
Happy Birthday to your son and Happy Family Day to you all! Hope you guys have a fun day celebrating. That kimono top is super cool!
You're going to hate me for this, but I've never seen Spirited Away. I would totally wear that kimono though.

Kim Alston said…
When you love something, WEAR IT Emmy! Love your new addition. Happy Birthday to your son. That cake looks delicious.
Adam said…
Imagine if No Face met No One (Arya Stark)
Synthpop Circus said…
Oh my goodness, I need that jumper and kimono! They both look so well made too :D
Happy birthday to your eldest <3
Last Monday was Family Day for us in BC, I wonder why they can't do it the same for the whole of Canada because it's so confusing. LOL! And I have a few pieces of clothing that I wear all the time too, Emmy, hey, if I like it then so what if everyone sees me in it again and again and again.

Shireen | Reflection of Sanity
Nerline Germain said…
I wonder if we have family day here in the US. You look stunning and I love the jeans. Happy birthday to your son. His smile is priceless!
Imogen said…
It's the best to wear favourites...love the printed pants.
Happy birthday, from the look of it, it must have been delicious! And I like your jeans :-)
This is really nice!

June said…
Loving the look and your new kimono too! And your oldest has definitely become bigger! Hehehe I've actually seen your kids growing up all these years through your blog :)
Wait a minute, you guys have Family Day and get off from school for it? COOL!! Super cute No Face kimono robe thingy! that's a super creative product! Happy belated to your kiddo!
Ahhh your oldest son is a cutie! Happy Birthday handsome :)
Got to love old favorites, and the kimono is so cool!
Serena Reale said…
Very nice look, happy birthday to your son
Sharon said…
That sweater looks awesome on you! I love the kimono!
Vanessa said…
The pants and the no-face sweater go perfectly together :D
rooth said…
Brrrr it still looks so cold there!