Currently Loving #36

Things I've been loving lately:)

1) Shiseido Senka Perfect Watery Oil makeup remover
My skin just seems to really love this line.

2) Tony Moly eyeshadows
My older sis gave these to me for Christmas, and have been using them a lot lately. I love the texture of both these shadows, and they're nicely pigmented as well.

3) Vans Chukka Low
These are actually in the boys' section I found on sale at the Vans Outlet. My middle son has these for skateboarding, and I really liked them, so I thought I'd get a pair for myself. Have worn these a few times already, and they're great.

4) Element Sierra jacket
This is also listed under the boys department, but hey, one good thing about being "vertically challenged" is that the Large kids' sizing sometimes would fit me:D This is just a great spring jacket....waterproof and light.
(Bought this from exoshop. If you're in Canada and looking for an online store to buy skateboarding stuff from, I highly recommend this site. Great customer service and super quick shipment.)

5) A Blind complete skateboard (micro)
I promised my daughter I'd add this in.
Although she loves her penny board, she wanted a new skateboard she can learn tricks on, so she picked this (also from exoshop) and paid for it herself with her birthday money. She really loves it:)

She literally just woke up when I was taking pics, so she rushed and put on her jacket...I can't even.
What have you been loving lately?


  1. I have these two pairs of shorts that I bought for $8 each in the H&M boys department years ago and they're still my faves :D You're little one is totally your Mini Me Emmy ^_~ Too cute!!!

  2. Haha your daughter is a real star.

    I want this t-shirt, but it's a little too expensive for me, especially with the shipping cost to the UK!

  3. The makeup remover sounds really nice!

  4. These are all lovely choices; the Vans is my favorite; great color.
    Have a nice weekend.

  5. Your daughter - omg she's the best

  6. I love the cute photo of your daughter, and those shoes look so cool...I love the color!

  7. Your daughter is so cute haha. I love Vans too, they are so comfy!

  8. I have never seen that Shiseido Oil remover before, is it sold only in certain store? And your daughter is the cutest, Emmy!

  9. Those Vans are so cute, love the color!

  10. Your daughter is so cute! :) It's great you can get clothes and shoes from the kids section too. My sister in law actually buys most of her clothes in the kid's section as she's so petite, and she sometimes even has to have them altered still!

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  11. Cute photo of your daughter:-))


  12. Your daughter is so cute!

  13. Your daughter is super awesome Emmy! I love that you're teaching her responsibility. Those chuck rock girl!

  14. I received a sample make up remover oil from MAC and I loved it! I must try the Shiseido's!


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