At the Pickering Museum Village

I had the chance to accompany my daughter in her class trip to the Pickering Museum Village. It was a very educational experience, learning about how life was during the pioneer days. Really makes you appreciate all the modern conveniences we have now.

Below are some pics I took that day:)

My daughter with her BFF:)
This pic makes me LOL so hard....
 Making a rope:

They got to make candles too!

 A visit at the General Store:

Our tour guide baking a scone for the kids:

Have you been to a pioneer village like this?


LL Cool Joe said…
No I haven't but it looks like fun, although the kids don't look greatly impressed! Ha! Did the scone taste good?
Emmylou MW said…
I never did taste it but my DD said it was:D
Looks like a fun and educational trip. I bet everyone was glad they don't have to live like the pioneers did ;p
We have something similar about half an hour away from here. I love the old porcelain, and the storage tins.
Adam said…
We have a few around here.

Actually during the TV series with Sacha Baron Cohen's Borat one of his best bits was going down to a SC plantation
That pic is definitely her "I am not impressed" face, lol.
It seems to have been fantastic, learning new things is always important.
I just follow the blog, follow back?
Kim Alston said…
Now that was an educational experience Emmy! I bet it makes you grateful for the things we have today! I remember my grandmother hanging laundry! LOL Thank God for dryers! Thanks for sharing this love.
Sounds like a fun field trip Emmy. The General store looks interesting I can’t believe this is really how it people shopped, hard to imagine. I’ve never been to a pioneer village but now I really want to visit.
sonia de macedo said…
How cool! I've been to Plymouth Plantation and that was something else. It was pretty full on. The actors never broke character which I found to be annoying hahaha. On the Mayflower I had a weird conversation with the "captain" who hadn't heard of Australia. It didn't occur to me he was in character though. This went on for a good ten minutes with my cousins in hysterics. I can be so slow sometimes hahahaha!

This museum looks super great, such a lovely place to take children. And oooh, they got to make candles? That's pretty cool.

Little Moon Elephant
rooth said…
Her and her bff are too precious - I love it
Elle Sees said…
I've been to similar things like that when i was younger, and really enjoyed it. Glad you go to go with her!
What a wonderful experience for them. My parents took us to places like this so that we would be appreciative. I'm sure your children will be glad that they have all of the conveniences we have today. <3
What a cool place to visit!
Chelsey said…
Aw cute! Looks like everyone had fun :)
Damilola Owoade said…
This is very lovely, loos like fun.
Gil Zetbase said…
WOnderful pictures!
Have a nice week!
Gil Zetbase
Coco said…
I love these kind of stages! It must have been so interesting and your little one must have been so happy to have mommy around! Baci, Valeria - Coco et La vie en rose FASHION & BEAUTY
Vision By Mila said…
Looks like you had a nice day! Can you imagine I started having these activities too! Lukas has started going to daycare and he had his first festivity recently, the spring party! I might have shed a tear or 2....