Hooded in K-Town

I posted here how I wanted an Independent hoodie. When I found out there was a sale at Zumiez, I ended up getting two items because sale....

Hanging out at Koreatown in downtown Toronto with the middle and youngest kiddos:D....
In the subway on the way there...

Inside Just For You Sarah and Tom...the cutest shop ever!

The kids love My Neighbor Totoro.

Inside Mr. Pen

Eating the famous Kevin's Taiyaki (bungeoppang)...I ended up eating my daughter's too coz she couldn't finish it. So yummy, you guys, and worth all the hype!

Look at what I got from Sarah and Tom...heehee....


  1. Emmy, I think I would LOVE Korea Town. Those shops! I want all the Kawaii stuff! I love the stationery. I'm so interested in knowing what's inside the poop cafe. I think one time someone showed where you ate out of a toilet bowl dish or something??? HaHaHa Not sure if this is the same. Looks like you guys had a spectacular time! Good for you!

  2. I'm loving these photos! I would love to visit Korea Town in Toronto...it looks like such a cool place to explore!


  3. You guys always looks like you have a ton of fun as a family! I wonder how the K-town in Toronto compares to the one in NYC. Lots of delish food in both probably ;p
    Haha you're a drama sponsor's dream Emmy ^_~

  4. Sales are the best! Good find :)

  5. I used to have an Independent top and some snowboard brand hoodies when I was younger because my sis and I always snowboarded a lot. You look adorable and who doesn't love a good sale!

  6. Such a fun outing. You really do know how to spend good /quality time together. The hoodies look awesome on you Emmy. Aren't sales simply the best!


  7. What's a poop cafe? Haha! Love the cool Pokemon shirt

  8. That looks like such a cosy hoodie, I can see why you got two! I always buy a little more in the sales, hehe!

    Seems like a lovely day out too - I'm kind of glad you didn't eat at the Poop Cafe though, I've seen that, they serve you dishes in little toilet bowls don't they? Not my kinda thing haha!

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  9. Okay, what did they have in the Poop Cafe?! I need to know!

  10. Ehmm.. so what do they sell in that cafe I wonder.. :D


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