DisneyWorld is indeed the happiest place on Earth!

Guys, the past 9 days we just had in Orlando, Florida was literally one of the best moments of my life and THE.BEST.VACATION.EVER. Not even exaggerating. I totally get it now why people all over the world flock here.

Day 0- Flight to Florida
Day 1- Magic Kingdom
Day 2- Epcot
Day 3- Animal Kingdom
Day 4- Orlando International Premium Outlet Mall, then Disney Hollywood Studios
Day 5- Universal Studios
Day 6- Universal Islands of Adventure
Day 7- Universal Studios again, then Florida Mall
Day 8- Flight home

I've decided to split this vacation post into two: first is Walt Disney World, then Universal on the next with a summary.

I took hundreds of pics, but I know no one would want to see that so I've whittled it down a bit:) There are also short vlogs at the end!

Sit back and relax:)

Magic Kingdom

Cooling down at the hotel pool (did this almost everyday coz of the intense Florida heat)

taking the water taxi

My fave Disney experience: Japan showcase in Epcot where I was actually able to use the little Japanese I've learned so far:D
The staff at Mitsukoshi (who are fantastic) can write your name in Katakana/Hiragana on any item you purchase.

Hotel Lobby

Animal Kingdom

At the Disney Boardwalk

Outlet Mall:D

Hollywood Studios


rooth said…
It looks like you and the fam had such an awesome time. I can't believe you guys withstood that Florida heat!
Laineypoodles said…
E is a good narrator 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Unknown said…
You are back!!! I checked and checked and checked, I missed ya Emmy :) Wow it was the best vacation ever! Now that’s awesome-sauce. I’ve always wanted to check out Epcot. I want to see all 100 pics! lol I don’t know who looks happier, you or the kids
SO SO happy you guys had such a great time! Disney honestly is the happiest place on earth. I wish I could be there every single day! Loved looking through your pictures :)
OMG what a totally magical vacation Emmy! Disneyworld can bring the kid our in any of us but it's especially fun for the kiddos and you all look like you had an absolute blast. We went a few years ago and have an amazing time. For some reason we got caught up with getting our photos taken with the characters. I was so happy to meet Chip and Dale who are longtime faves ;p Welcome back chingu!!!
Looks like you guys had so much fun!
Adam said…
I hope to go in the next few years
Beauty said…
Surely, you had loads of fun; lots of beautiful Pictures.
Wow So excited experience for you and the children ❤ I want to join you!!!
Mary-Grace said…
Great photos dear. I would love to go to disney world, never been there before.
Have a nice day
Chelsey said…
It really is the happiest place on earth! Glad you had an awesome trip x
Vanessa said…
Aw, looks like you guys had so much fun. It HAS been crazy hot here, we've been dying at our outdoor markets, can't get enough water in, haha. I want to get to Epcot again, Japan was my favorite part, too :)
Jane said…
It looks like you had a ton of fun! I swear, your family is the cutest. Yangkyu and I went a couple of times to Orlando and we always say how it's the one place we would go back again and again :)
Emmy, there could never be enough pics! I love them all. The SMILES on the kids faces are priceless. Love your itinerary! What a blast. The little one with all the Disney princess was awesome.
You did well with th photos! I've been back two weeks I think now and I've been procrastinating so bad with posts because of the photos I took. Sooooo many amazing ons to share (and edit) it's taking too much time and I find myself turning to K-Dramas instead of Lightroom editing bahahahaha! I'm watching The Bride of Haebak. FYI. ;o)


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