It all went downhill pretty fast.

Although most of my family posts show us on our "best behaviour", let me tell you...we're just like any average family. Some days are good when we all get along. Then, there are days when things go awry pretty fast.

Take the pics below, for example. These were taken when I took the kids recently downtown to a Filipino festival.

Everything was honky dorry at first.

Then, the middle child and the youngest got into a fight. I still took pics.

Me trying to ignore the fight (I just really wanted to show off my Gryffindor shirt.)...

...and the middle child refused to be in the pics by that point...

...and still, I persisted...

...So, I took pics from afar so I couldn't see the fake smiles...

...But the youngest didn't care. She kept on posing and smiling anyhoo.

Seriously, that day was pretty much a dud. I took the kiddos home early and called it a day. Honestly, I just couldn't even talk by the end of that trip coz I was so frustrated...yup.

So, as you can see, even though I never really talk about negative stuff on this blog, not-so-good things do happen along with the good. They happen to everyone. Loved ones get sick; loved ones die; family members fight; you lose everything you have in a disaster... and the world keeps turning. All we can really do is treasure each happy moment and every blessing and never take anything for granted.


  1. My brother was like that on trips, he'd always find a way to sour it for everyone. I remember my mother and I went to an amusement park without him (I think he was on some kind of school trip) and it was awesome.

    Hopefully they'll work out their differences

    1. I hope they do outgrow it. The two usually get along, but when they fight....THEY FIGHT! huhuhu

  2. Thank for sharing a slice of real life Emmy. I don't know of any siblings that have zero disagreements. Life is a series of ups and downs and not everything is going to perfect all the time but in the end it won't matter as long as we remember what's important and never lose sight of what's good.

  3. Pretty sure I was the bad apple in our family hahaha. Always finding reasons to complain or argue. I also hated taking photos period. Good mood or not. That's just life, we're human after all. This post just makes me love y'all even more!


  4. Yup, thats family life for you. The highs and the lows are real. Must be a middle child things cos my middle child is my headache right now haha. Y'all look good regardless.

  5. I love that you still took pics haha! Kids will be kids won't they, lil terrors x

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  6. Good to see real life sometimes. We can't avoid it!

  7. Yes, exactly what you said -- no matter what happens in a day -- big or small, good or bad -- the world keeps turning. Thanks for sharing these pics of real life moments with your kids. I love that you were like, let me just take these photos from afar, lol. And I love how the little one kept posing. :)

  8. Ah, family outings... Those days happen. Lol.

  9. Emmy, I had to giggle! And in the end it all blows over. HaHaHa Thanks for sharing this, it made me SMILE. Love your Gryffindor shirt!

  10. Bound to happen with kids right? Your littlest one is persistent with the smiles and poses. I think she was born for the camera

  11. :) Your little one is so funny. And I like your Gryffindor shirt! :D


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