Latest Me-Made

The one good thing about not getting enough sleep is that you get more things done...well...some days....

Here are two of my latest "creations":) They're actually second versions of items I have made before!

1) Boxy sweater (pattern by Joji Locatelli)
This is the lighter weight version of this sweater. I actually started this sweater back in June and just finished it. Because it's a finer yarn and called for smaller needles, it was one of my longer-term projects.
Boxy sweater, jeans from Target, Vans slip ons
Oh my gosh! My photobomber is a ninja! Didn't even know she was there!

2) Elisalex dress (pattern by By Hand London)
This is the sleeveless version of this dress. I made it for an upcoming wedding we're attending. Guys, this is upholstery fabric from Ikea! Teehee...
Elisalex dress (front)
Lined the bodice with this leftover (also)Ikea fabric
In progress:

These patterns have a special place in my crafting heart, which is why I've made them twice. Highly recommend.


Emmy, that dress is so pretty! I love the print. It's going to look amazing on you. You did a great job. That sweater is cool. You can pair it with so many things.
I can't believe you made that sweater!!! WHOA!
The dress and sweater are so pretty! I love the contrast lining you used for the dress :)
You always make the coolest pieces Emmy! Love how you lined the dress with that leftover Ikea fabric for some fun pattern mixing :)
rooth said…
What a lovely looking dress!
Jane said…
Always love your creations! And your little photobombed! She's getting good ;)
Oh to Be a Muse said…
I like the two tones on the boxy sweater, but I can't wait to see you wear the dress. The patterns on it are amazing!
Josie said…
I absolutely love seeing what you've made Emmy! You're so talented. Love the dress, an IKEA dress - wow! x

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Beauty said…
You did great on both the sweater and the dress and I really like that fabric you used for the lining. Happy Monday.