Light as a feather

I am all about the sleeves lately (read this blog post), and this top fits the bill:)
Max Studio top, Uniqlo legging pants, Vans slip ons

My photobomber strikes again...sigh.


Sugar Lane said…
cool sleeves!
have a great week,
Oh to Be a Muse said…
Big yes to all the fun sleeves.
Debra said…
The top looks comfy- those are my kind of shirts.
And the photo bomber is cute!

Those sleeves are so fun and fashionable! You have the cutest photo bomber ;p
LL Cool Joe said…
Haha I do love it when your daughter photo bombs your shots. The top looks lovely on you. :)
Eleine said…
You look so cute dear!
The Max Studio top is adorable. I love those sleeves. How fun to have such lovely photobombers.
Unknown said…
This season is all about sleeves. at first I hated it but now I love all these fun shirts and oversized sleeves. LOL Look at your photobomber :)
Fashionably Idu said…
You look lovely Emmy.Those sleeves are perfect and your daughter omg so cute!
Statement sleeves are so on trend Emmy! Great top!
Miu said…
Aaah, it's so lovely! I love these dreamy, floaty tops :D