I love this tunic/kimono wrap I made awhile back (see post here) but I have to admit pieces like this are a bit hard to wear IMO. I find I make these items that I really adore but are kinda hard to wear, especially with the harsh weather we get here.

Do you find yourself buying/making items that are impractical but you still get them/make them anyway just coz you like them?

tunic I sewed using the Trina pattern from Victory Patterns, Uniqlo jeans, Doc Martens


Mica T said…
Oh that's such a beautiful kimono/tunic! It's probably just as well I can't make my own clothes or my wardrobe would be full of pieces like this, haha! I have so many kimonos in my wardrobe! They are perfect for our Brisbane weather luckily.

I hope you do get to wear this a lot when it's warmer to make up for it being a little impractical to wear around the snow! :)

Hope you are having a nice start to the week :) I'm taking part in a capsule wardrobe challenge on Instagram which is fun! :)

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Inees Izaal said…
Hi! Great post and i love this kimono!
I just discovered your blog and I keep following it, would you follow me back?

Have a nice day!
Blogoratti said…
What a nice looking outfit and great creation on your part. Warm greetings!
Adam said…
I can imagine how that might feel cold, I'm wearing 2 jackets when outside now
It definitely works in this outfit Emmy! I used to be bad about buying difficult to wear pieces but I don't do it anymore since I have a mental checklist that I usually work through before adding anything new to my wardrobe just so I won't end up with anything I can't style with multiple outfits.
Vanessa said…
That's actually funny I have a similar kimono I just can't style right. Too short to be a dress but odd as a shirt, I feel like I need bell bottoms to balance the bottom or something. I like yours, though :)
LL Cool Joe said…
So do you mean hard to wear because of the weather or because it's a bit more "out there"? I really like it, it's unusual. Love the doc martens.
Such a pretty kimono! I'm longing for a jumpsuit, but whenever I buy one, I don't wear it because they just don't fit my lifestyle right now.
I think your outfit looks great here, Emmy. I only have a few kimonos, and one I actually wear as a cardigan with the ties in the back. Love the fabric on your style here! The I tend to purchase versatile pieces in my wardrobe to get the most out of them, so I try not to buy impractical pieces. x :)
I like the Trina pattern that is on this tunic that you made. So pretty!

Kim Alston said…
It looks great on you Emmy! I use to, but I really think out things now before I purchase them. Clothes are so expensive now.
You are so beautiful 💟 my dear!!
That sums up my entire weekend splurge on black friday sales bahahaha! I am always buying things that I love in theory but then on me, meh. Annoyingly this usually happens after I bring it home from the store. Like a linen shirt that's on the oversized side. I'm not sure about it and unbelievably I went and brought the same one in white hahaha!

BTW thank you for your kind words on my last post. I sometimes wonder if what I am blogging is relevant or not, or if people even care hahaha!
Vision By Mila said…
I don't see harsh there.. I see harsh here, it started to snow and I was planning a trip to Helsinki to see the Xmas lights (and buy stickers for the kid). Pushing a stroller through snow.. I do not like!
Miu said…
Haven't you found a great way to wear this amazing kimono?