Currently Loving #40

Just some schstuff I'm currently enjoying:D

1) Tokyo Style
I first heard of this book when I was researching KonMari and stumbled on this New Yorker article. I was really intrigued and being a bit voyeuristic, I thought it would be great to take a peek at what normal and "real" Tokyo apartments look like, so I ordered this book from Amazon Japan. The book is in Japanese (English version is not as easy to find), but the pictures really don't need any explanation.

2) Taste Of Western China
I first discovered this restaurant when my younger sister took us here during Boxing Day. Because of my husband's heritage, it's usually Cantonese Chinese food that we get to eat so the menu in this place is not something we are used, but man, my husband and I really love the dishes!

lamb dumplings...nomnom
3) ColourPop Golden State of Mind palette
This was a part of a Christmas gift from my older sis. Really love how pigmented the shades are but still very blendable. 

4) Boscia Luminizing Black Mask
This was part of a Christmas gift from my younger sis this time. I haven't tried the whole kit except for this, and I love this peel off mask! Not something to be used all the time, but man, it's almost disgusting how much gunk this takes off from my face.

5) Fire and Fury
Whether you are anti or pro-Trump, this book is just a plain ole good read. 

Man...if even just half of the things in this book are true, I have nothing but sympathy for all Americans:(

What have you been enjoying lately?


That Tokyo Style book looks really cool. I can't even look at a picture of Cheeto Stan without wanting to throw up now... I've been enjoying acupuncture treatments lately. They are very relaxing and have been helping with some chronic issues.
rooth said…
I got some sample Caudalie lotion that I've been using and I love it!
Marcia B. said…
wow everything looks delicious!
Shannon Boyce said…
That style book looks incredible! What a great source of inspiration.
Chic Therapy said…
The food looks so yummy! Lately I have been enjoying the Nubian 2 eyeshadow palette from Juvia's Place.
Tokyo Style looks really cool!
Adam said…
I don't doubt much from that orange shit stain we call Commander in Chief
Mica T said…
That Tokyo Style book looks fascinating! It's interesting getting a peek into people's lives like that. I like your colour pop eyeshadow set too, what a nice gift.

I've heard of that book about Trump but given what we already hear in the news I don't think I'd enjoy reading it, it's already crazy enough what you hear!

Hope that you are having a wonderful weekend! We're going to have a quiet one here after a similarly quiet week, as we've been a bit under the weather.

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Aimee Bustillo said…
love the book its seems very interesting, the foods looks so delicious, and the colourpop shadow palette looks so gorgeous!

Capturing Life Memoirs |
I wanto to read a book my dear, great food also
Thanks for sharing Emmy. I have been enjoying more date nights, since lately we have both been busy. Not sure I could stomach reading much else about Trump, too much in the news. That ColourPop palette really looks pretty lovely! <3 x
That Tokyo book looks super cool. And I have a Boscia charcoal mask that I really need to use already.

Don't get me started on Trump...
Hena Tayeb said…
Oh I can't handle anything Trump. Just listening to his voice makes me gag.. no exaggeration.
wow look at those apartments.. it's kind of like New York living, big cities tiny apartments
Imogen said…
I am so loving the palette. Such beautiful shades and it is so hard to find one which is pigmented.
Tia Cherie
That food looks so good! I wouldn't say no to a big bowl of soup right now.
Kim Alston said…
Yes, please pray for us Emmy! LOL The orange is out of control! I'm loving Colourpop. My little collection is growing. Glad that face mask is working for you. Nothing like fresh clean skin. That food looks so delicious. It's awesome to see a glimpse inside someone's home/apt
I hope I can find an english version of that Tokyo Style book. I love interiors and coffee table books. This looks like a great piece. I too feel sorry for America. I have family there too so it hits close to home. I just don't understand how he's still in power. He does nothing at all but golf and grab women by their p****ies. I mean with the latter and the huge #metoo movement and that Nassar case, how has he not been brought to justice?

Vision By Mila said…
I love peel-off masks, maybe not to be used often on my generally dry skin, but still..