The cold ones

I hope you all had a wonderful New Year:)

We've been having an extremely cold weather where we are, so I thought I'd just share what I've been wearing when it's -30 outside, and also some new additions to the wardrobe:D

Gap top with an old vest I knitted (using the Tokul pattern by Andrea Rangel), Uniqlo pants, Ugg Australia boots
Uniqlo jacket and pants, Spirited Away sweater, Hunter boots, hat I knitted (using Rafa's Hat Pattern)

These Hunter Balmoral boots are the only thing I purchased during Boxing Day. My younger sister has a discount code so I was able to get them at a really good price...yay!
Hunter Balmoral boots
Another addition is this new Muji wool jumper.
Muji Aran Knit sweater (thanks, hubby:D)
I also finished knitting this scarf for the kids. I've had the Roots/Mary Maxim kit for awhile now but just had the time to finally finish it just in time for this extreme cold weather alert.
 In progress:

How was your New Year? And are you also experiencing this crazy winter weather?


  1. Even we got it colder than usual here, it's -7C right now. That's cold for SC

  2. Emmy, it is currently 28 degrees F here in New Orleans and I'm freezing! LOL So I cannot even fathom -30. I think I have the thermostat on 80F in the house. HaHaHa I love your Hunter Boots and the pair in the first picture. It doesn't get cold here often, so I haven't invested in good boots. I need to do so. I'm also loving your Muji Wool Jumper. Stay warm. I'm drinking lots of cocoa.

  3. Happy New Year to you and your loved ones. I'm liking that sweater in the second photo!

  4. Very lovely! Best wishes for the New Year!


    Linda from Beauty And Tips

  5. Happy New Year my friend! I meant to reach out to you and wish you Merry Christmas, Happy Boxing Day! I hope you all had a blast! It is freezing here too!! Feels like 23 and suppose to snow later!! In South Carolina, can you believe it!!??

    What cute boots and I can't wait to see how your knitting project turns out. Hello to the family and I hope 2018 is the best yet!!


  6. Did you say -30? Oh wow. Way too cold for me.

    I do think the Uniqlo jacket looks pretty awesome with the Spirited Away top.

  7. Yes, that is quite cold, so you are dressing the right way. A great pair of wellies goes a long way. haha. Happy New Year, Emmy! <3

  8. It's cold, even down here in Texas! Love the wellies :)

  9. Those Hunter boots look fantastic. I love the pair I got during Black Friday but I it's too cold to wear them now. They need to make fur lined ones LOL ;p Stay warm and stay safe chingu!

  10. Wow, it sounds like it is super cold there! I'm loving your outfits! The Hunter rain boots are so cute, and the scarf you knitted is amazing!

  11. OH my goodness I can't even imagine it being that cold! Especially now while it's summer here and so hot. We've been spending a lot of time in the pool as it's the best way to beat the heat!

    You do manage to look cosy and stylish with your winter outfits. I always struggle, not very good at layering as there isn't much need for it here in Brisbane!

    Happy new year! Hope that this first week of 2018 is going well for you!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  12. Happy New Year! I love those Hunter boots, even if that's all you came away with, you still did good! Hehehe! Right now it's 43C and I'm melting. Shall we trade hahaha!


  13. I have a similar winter coat, but in dark blue.. I want to renew my winter wardrobe, but not now.. next winter, towards the end of 2018. first, I'll renew my spring clothes. Oh.. I thought I heard a scream.. must've been the credit card.. :))


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