Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Size up

 Sooo...when I sewed this dress in 2016, it was one size too small. I made the mistake of thinking the finished measurements on the pattern envelope would fit me fine, but it ended up being too tight. I still wore this dress a few times though coz I do love the style...great for casual outings, you know?

Well, now...I think it's really time to make another one, and the right size at that. I would like to think that it's just the dress shrinking but no...I'm sure it's all the eating I've done over Christmas and Chinese New Year. I'm pretty sure that if I sneeze while wearing this dress, I'll probably be like Incredible Hulk and break all the seams...ahem.

Or I can also just try to lose the weight...huhuhu

old dress I sewed using Tilly and the Button's Bettine dress worn with no-name leggings and Vans sneakers
Onward and upward!!!


  1. I vote for making a new dress :)

  2. I love how the color of your hair coordinates with your dress. Yes to making a new one! You don't need to lose weight :)

  3. The dress goes well with your hair!

    I always have shovel envy when I see your selection by the side of your garage. Haha.

  4. If you hadn't said anything, I would never had known Emmy. This looks like a perfect fit on you!


  5. It actually looks like it fits you pretty nicely, but it can be tough trying on items between the months of November - February, I think. There are just too many holidays with good food. Try again in April, lol.


  6. I love this dress, the style is adorable, and the color of fabric is pretty awesome too. I say make one in a bigger size. Losing weight sucks! lol

  7. I think you look amazing, Emmy! I actually really adore the bold colour of this dress on you! x

  8. That is a cute dress and I'd never have known if was too tight on you - it looks nice in the photos! :)

    Hope you are having a great week so far! First day of autumn here in Brisbane, although the weather is still very summer-like, ha!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  9. I agree with the other commenters, the dress definitely doesn't LOOK too tight - but I know how it is when you feel uncomfortable in something you are wearing.

  10. I love both the style & color of the dress Emmy. Keep both when you do make the other one. So if you lose weight or add a little extra you will have a great looking dress to wear no matter what.


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