March Break 2018 #GWLSpring

As mentioned in the previous post, last week was March Break for the kiddos. Aside from Ripley's, we did a bunch of other stuff, like sleeping over at my mom's and an overnight stay at Great Wolf Lodge (which is a family tradition).

Pics below of the shenanigans...:D

hanging out with my younger sis 

I really like the view from mom's balcony.

We crossed the border the next day and went to  New York for a short time. I always love seeing the Niagara Falls, however brief.

view while on Rainbow Bridge


Ah your family always makes the most out of these breaks! Looks like you all had a blast as usual :)
What a wonderful March Break! You guys definitely made some special memories :)
Adam said…
I haven't been to DQ in awhile
Oh to Be a Muse said…
You guys always seem to have so much fun in these water park places.
rooth said…
Brrrrr, it doesn't look like spring there. Hopefully it warms up for y'all soon
Unknown said…
Cute pictures!
Have a nice rest of the week!
Gil Zetbase
Amy Aed said…
This looks like you all had such a great time, I swear you're always doing such fun things with your family and it's really nice to see. This looks like a great way to spend the March break :)

Wandering Everywhere
GlamourZONE said…
Hello, looks like you had so much fun. We invite you to our blog.
Fun times, and your mom has a great view :)
This looks like loads of fun and I always love seeing your family photos. Cool that you spent a little time with your sister too!
I want a Blizzard from Dairy Queen! They have yummy food & dessert Emmy! The kids have gotten so TALL! Wow! Time passes too quickly. Glad everyone had a great time.
You guys know how to do school holidays WELL! I'm jealous. Wish my childhood was as adventurous and fun as your kiddies! BTW that view from your mums home is stunning!

Miu said…
Your mom's balcony view is stunning! 😍