Obsession #43

Window shopping is dangerous, y'all! I usually go to high-end stores just for inspiration, but then, once in awhile, you find items that you just really end up loving and making you wish you win the lottery soon.

This Junya Watanabe dress
(I am just in awe of Japanese designers and their design aesthetic.)

 These Rick Owens pieces
 A closer look....

This Kei Ninomiya jacket

I saw this Balenciaga Graffiti Classic City S and I may have drooled over it a bit.
image from balenciaga.com

What have you been obsessing over lately?


Amy Aed said…
Oh my gosh I completely relate about window shopping being dangerous, like can I just win the lottery already? I looove all of these.

Wandering Everywhere
Wow that Junya Watanabe dress looks like a piece of art! I've been obsessing over fancy French cookware lately ;p
Adam said…
I don't know where people get the money to shop at some of these places
Shannon Boyce said…
Totally agree with you! It is so easy to fall in love with some of those higher end pieces.
That jacket is awesome!
I love the structure of these pieces so much, especially that brown jacket and that Junya (that's my neighbor's name) Watanabe dress.

Window shopping is crazy dangerous. I never do high end window shopping but now I’m going to have to try, lol. I know I shouldn’t but now I’m dying to see what I’m missing. OMG I need that Balenciaga Graffiti Classic City S :) I NEED IT.
Valerie Price said…
Window shopping is definitely dangerous! I am in awe of all these beautiful pieces...I want that amazing jacket! :)

Kim Alston said…
That Kei Ninomeya jacket made my jaw drop Emmy! OMG'd what a beautiful piece of clothing.
I'm loving all those graffitti type designs covering Balenciaga classics lately. They are soooo cool