What have I been watching #4

Some new and old movies I've seen lately that I've really loved:)

1) Black Panther
Gosh! No words to describe how much I loved this film! Great story, great cast...this film deserves every accolade it has gotten.
This film has also made me obsessed with Michael B. Jordan. He was just awesome as Eric Killmonger. Honourable mention to Letitia Wright, who was fab as Shuri.

image from marvel.com

2) The Vatican Tapes
This is an old-ish film (2015), but a great watch nonetheless. Very made-for-TV and predictable, but I thought the Olivia Taylor Dudley did a great job as the lead IMO.
image from imdb.com

3) Insidious 4: The Last Key
I'm a super huge fan of the Insidious franchise, and this one does not disappoint. Also kind of predictable, but still had a few legit scary moments.
image from imdb.com

4) Thor Ragnarok
Another old-ish film (came out last year) but I just saw it and so am including it here. My fave Thor movie so far. Super funny and Cate Blanchett was great as Hela.
image from imdb.com
5) Craftsy Unlimited
I've bought a few videos from the original Craftsy site, but I finally bit the bullet and signed up for the Craftsy Unlimited that lets you watch most of the videos it has for a monthly fee. I've been binge-watching a lot of the videos on knitting and drawing so far...so addicted, you guys!

What have you been watching lately that you've loved? Do tell:)


Adam said…
I really need to see Thor Ragnarok soon
Black Panther was just too awesome for words! Loved all the girl power and yes Shuri rocks!
rooth said…
Ooo I like that you like scary movies :)
LL Cool Joe said…
I'd like to see Black Panther. I've seen some good films recently. The Post, 3 Billboards Outside Ebbing and Victoria & Abdul
Mica T said…
Oh some of these movies look far too scary for me, haha! I'm not good with scary movies at all! I've heard so many good things about Black Panther though :)

Hope you are having a lovely weekend :) The latest post on my blog is another #30wears one, showing 30 ways to wear a maxi skirt if you want to check it out.

Away From The Blue Blog
Shannon Boyce said…
I am hoping to see Black Panther this week or next! I hear amazing things about it.
I love Black Panther!! It was soooooooooo good, and super empowering as a black woman and as a woman in general. Plus it was so beautifully made and the cast looked like me, which is uncommon. Michael B Jordan is now my official crush, he’s soooooo handsome but I hear he’s super nice also. Letitia Wright is also super talented. Did you know she can rap?? She’s super talented. I have to check out Craftsy Unlimited, I love watching knitting videos.
Chic Therapy said…
Shuri was my favorite character on Black Panther. Loved her sense of humor, and her sibling chemistry with T'Challa was amazing.
betweendots said…
I haven't seen any of the titles but I want to watch Black Panther since I've heard that it's one of not many movies where white people aren't the majority of the cast and it's really good since movie industry is still all about white men - even white women has problems in this industry and I'm sure it's even worse for people of colours but I feel like movies like Black Panther are changing this situation.
Fashionably Idu said…
Girl I've watched Black Panther twice already and plan to go a 4th time. Thats how much i love it and each time, its sparked conversations that are very eye opening. Very well made. I cant wait for the sequel.

I want to watch Black Panther. I've seen so much buzz on Twitter, including the controversy that is Kilmonger. Need to see!

Sarah M said…

Oh, so lovely !

Sarah, http://www.sarahmodeee.fr/
I haven't seen a movie in ages, but I've heard that Black Panther must be amazingly good. This weekend I might go to I Tonya (I've had figure skating lessons for many years, so it's right up my alley!).
I'd have to say that Thor Ragnarok and Black Panther are two of the best Marvel movies. And if you watch Black Mirror, then you might notice Leticia Wright from the latest season.

Hena Tayeb said…
We are looking forward to seeing Black Panther.
I agree about Thor.. this is the first once that didn't make we fall asleep.. it was super funny..
Kim Alston said…
I definitely want to see Black Panther. I've heard nothing but great things. The Vatican Tapes look intriguing. I will have to check it out. Thanks Emmy.
And once again, I haven't seen any of those movies. HEE HEE
I really enjoyed watching Black Panther and Thor Ragnarok :)