The Canyon Cardi

Even though it's been super hot here lately, I decided to sew a cardigan. You know why? Because of the super cold ACs in all the indoor places like malls, and also our house....sigh....My hubby and kids don't appreciate sweating as much as I do.

I just discovered the Love Notions pattern company and am now a big fan. The PDF sewing pattern for this cardi was so easy to put together!
Love Notion Canyon Cardi, Abercrombie shirt and Gap shorts

I am obviously very good at playing ball...

In progress:


rooth said…
Looks so good and the colour is so bright!
Shannon Boyce said…
Okay, I LOVE IT. That colour is amazing and you did SUCH a great job. Also....I am glad someone else understands the dilemma of summer. It's boiling hot outside but then when you go into the AC, it's freezing! I always keep a cardigan stuffed in my purse and everyone makes fun of me.
Mica T said…
That's such a cute cardi! I love the bright colour! :) I always have a few cardigans out in summer too for the cold air con! :)

Hope that you're having a great week so far! :)

Away From The Blue Blog
Adam said…
I'm not a big fan on super cold ac, the only one I ever liked was at a old putt putt place
Hello Emmy
So you sewed a cardigan? I've always seen my mother do this. When I was little and when they asked me what I wanted to be when I was adult I said I wanted to be a seamstress ahahha seriously !!! And I know a lot of sewing just from seeing my mother sew !!! Your cardigan is perfect and I love the color of it, it suits your hair !!

Lots of love
That's such a great coverup Emmy! And I love the vibrant pink color :) I always carry a scarf or small jacket in my bag during the summer for places with super cold AC so I totally get where you're coming from. Happy weekend chingu!
Ankita Bardhan said…
I hate super chill ACs too! I catch cold very easily so it always messes me up! Btw I loved the cute picture story and fun time with your kids, it's so adorable! Liking your outfit too!
I am back after a month long hiatus, hope you’ve been well! Missed reading your posts! :)
Ankita Bardhan | Real Girl Talks
FashionRadi said…
You did an amazing job. I love your cardigan!
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Gil Zetbase said…
Amazing article!!!

Have a nice day!
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Loving this cardi, those middle seams (excuse my laymans terms here hahaha) and that colour is just beautiful on you. Will there be a mini-me version for your daughter perhaps? Hehehe!

That cardigan is so cute and versatile!

Its such a talent that you made your own cardigan. Its lovely!