Perfectly Splendid

The title is something that one of the characters from the show The Haunting Of Bly Manor always said. I just recently binge-watched it, you guys, and it's sooooo good! (Many scary moments, but I was crying by the last episode...huhuhu). Anyhoo, a lot of the characters on the show wear these awesome knitwear pieces, and thus, this outfit is heavily inspired by it:)

A scene from the show....

Have you seen this show? Are your outfits inspired by films/shows that you watch?

What Have I Been Watching #18

These are the latest shows/movies I've been loving lately:)All images fros imdb.com1) The Invisible ManFunnily enough, this was recommended by our priest who has become a friend. (Unfortunately, he moved to a different parish:( He said I'd probably like it since I love horror films, and he was right! This is more of a suspense than a true horror film, but many good moments, and Elizabeth Moss was super awesome in the lead role.
2) Jojo RabbitI've wanted to see this film for awhile and finally had a chance to. Another film I highly recommend. Great writing, and a great cast to boot. (Love love love Sam Rockwell and Scarlett Johansshon, and Archie Yates <the kid who played Yorki> was super adorable). I honestly think you can't go wrong with anything Taika Waititi does.

3) Lovecraft Country Worth. All. The. Hype. Oh sooooo good, you guys! What a great combination of genres. Am currently on Episode 4, and trying hard not to binge-watch, but it's hard!!!


Untitled #4

The Ecco shoes I'm wearing here was the last pair of shoes I bought (a score last year during Boxing Day). Unfortunately, something bad happened to  my ankle that made me unable to wear them (crazy story that I never did mention here on the blog), and by the time it healed, the pandemic happened. Then, summer rolled around.Guys...I'm so happy that I'm able to wear them again:D my Canadian friends....Happy Thanksgiving:)

Obsession #51

I saw these while in a mall recently, and tempting! As you may (or not) know, I am not buying clothes and shoes this year.Anyhoo, I am totally digging these from H&M! 

What have you been obsessing over lately?

Untitled #3

Wearing another hand-me-down top from my mom:) Even though some of the stuff she gives me is not really my style, I find it's easy enough to incorporate them in my outfits just by pairing them with tried-and-true stuff in my closet:)

Inspiration: Dianna Agron

If you guys have been reading my blog for awhile, you know I'm the biggest The Killers fan. Their new album that just came out Imploding the Mirage is super awesome, you guys!With this new album, I've been re-watching their older videos, and I can't believe I haven't posted my fave here...Just Another Girl. Dianna Agron (from the show Glee) was super great on this, and have been obsessed with her looks here for awhile now. (Her looks are all based on from Brandon Flower's outfits in older videos.)

Here's the complete video:
Who has been inspiring you lately?


Guys, I don't know if you remember but in the beginning of the year, I set my goal of no-buy when it comes to shoes and clothes. It's been quite good so far and well, with the pandemic, it has not been difficult. The thing is...I am still getting "new" clothes because my mother gives me some of the clothes she doesn't like to wear anymore, like the top in these photos:)