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Too much?

 I liked this outfit, coz not only is it comfortable, both the top and pants are embellished.:D Alabama Chanin shirt I made using a kit I bought, old jeans from Urban Outfitters, Vans slip ons Out and about... Who is dat stranger behind us?!?! Hehe I still can't believe I gave birth to these three hooligans some days....:D Do you like embellishments in your clothing?

Life is a roller coaster...

 My daughter (who is also my personal photographer) said I should title this post with the one above...apparently Jamie Campbell Bower (who we both love) said it. :D old shirt (don't know from where), dress from Urban Outfitters, Doc Martens old jacket also from Urban Outfitters Out and about...


This is one outfit I tend to wear a lot. I love this shirt so much and must've worn it and shown it here on the blog a hundred times. Hey...what can I say? When I find something I like, it never really goes away:D Truly Madly Deeply shirt from Urban Outfitters, UNIQLO pants, Vans slip ons Out and about:) Is there an outfit you've worn over the years that don't get tired of?

Life lately- Spring 2022

 Just sharing some stuff we've been up to lately:) I can't believe we're going into summer soon....eeek! My daughter just finished her spring swimming class.  My eldest just had his prom, and will be going to university in September....wut?!?!? Both my boys just got graded in their Brazilian jiu-jitsu class...yellow belts now. Yay:) We just got two new shubunkins:)  (Fact: I love fancy goldfishes and kept them for a long time until  my last one passed away. We had that fantail for 10 years. Currently, we have a red-eared slider I've kept for almost 13 years...fingers crossed he'll be around for a long time.)                                                     My daughter just had her Spring Concert/Recital. That's her voice teacher on the piano. She's awesome:) Here's the link to a short video of her singing:) And lastly...our parish church just had its first barbecue since the pandemic happened. It was great to see familiar faces:) Our old parish priest