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Semi-quarantine life #6

 Because our vaccination rate has been really good lately and cases are really low (well....low for us), restrictions have eased up a bit in Ontario, so yay! We are finally able to do some stuff that we have not been able to for awhile. 1) Being able to go the mall 2) My obsession with Alabama Chanin continues... latest sewing project (pattern and fabric from Alabama Chanin) reading and re-reading my Natalie Chanin books:) (plus one from the library) 3) Enjoying the flowers during our walks 4)Watching the 2021 Summer Olympics whenever I can 5) Eating out (literally) What have you been up to lately? Are there still restrictions where you are?

My first ever (A photo diary)

Soooooo....I just finished a completely hand-sewn skirt, you guys! To say I was excited about this project would be an understatement. PatternReview  is currently running a contest where you do a quilted garment or one that shows reverse appliqué. I've always wanted to make an Alabama Chanin -style clothing, and this was just the push I needed! (The pattern is Alabama Chanin's Swing Skirt. I used Natalie Chanin's books and her  Craftsy class as references.) It was quite a process, so I thought I'd just show you the photos of what I did:) (This also explains why her clothes are expensive but oh so worth it!) cutting out the stencil onto a poster board Magdalena Stencil from Alabama Chanin cutting out the fabrics (cotton jersey from Fabricland) airbrushing the outer fabric layer using the stencil with Createx Airbrush Paint in transparent brown heat setting the textile paint with iron on the hottest setting hanging out...hahaha doing the reverse appliqué (running stitch

Some Monday inspiration

 These are some of the images inspiring me lately...there is definitely a theme:)  images from image from This is a future sewing project....when I saw this, I knew I had to make it! Ezra coat pattern from Alabama Chanin What has been inspiring you lately?

Mixed bag

 This is another one of those outfits that I just kinda threw everything together...different weights of fabric and different prints all mashed up together.. Most people would probably say they don't really match but meh...I like it. Zara top from my mom, Skirt I sewed awhile back (using a Sew Over It  pencil skirt pattern), Vans slip ons) Do you like mixing up prints in your outfits?