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Kung Hei Fat Choi 2022

 Wishing all of you a Happy Chinese New Year!!!! hehe                   Some more shots of the kiddos....


 I just finished another garment...yay! Of course, it's another Alabama Chanin pattern, using their Supima cotton fabric in this colour I've been obsessing with lately, Peacock. It's the same colour I used as an underlayer in this dress:) Alabama Chanin Ezra coat using their Supima cotton knit fabric (completely hand-sewn) In progress:) Is there a colour you've been loving lately?

What have I been watching #27- Disney+ edition (Best and Worst)

 These are the movies/show I've just recently seen on Disney+ and as the title suggests, I've seen some really good ones...and ones I really hated. We'll start off with the two I loved: 1) Encanto Such a sweet story with a great cast of voice actors, and well, the song "Don't Talk About Bruno"...nuff said.:) (I should say that I wasn't too happy with the ending just because I felt it negated the whole lesson of not needing magic to be special, but oh well...still loved this movie.) 2) Eternals I had such low expectations for this film, so I was really surprised how much  I ended up  loving this film. Eternals had such a great cast, and I think ChloĆ© Zhao did such a fantastic job in how she dealt with such an epic storyline. Highlight: Kumail Nanjiani as Kingo and Don Lee as awesome. I also think Angelina did a fabulous job as Thena. Now...for the ones I hated:( 3) Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings Man....I know I'm supposed to lo

Inspiration: Gee's Bend- The Architecture of the Quilt

 I've mentioned before that the quilters of Gee's Bend is my inspiration when I started making quilts. When I first saw their work, it blew my mind that something so utilitarian can be quite so beautiful...comparable to the works of the great modern artists. This book really has been such an eye-candy, and reading about the history of Gee's Bend  is really quite moving. The African-Americans living in this part of Alabama went through so much, and their story truly shows how resilience, perseverance and hard-work can make you overcome a lot of hardships in life. (Unfortunately, this book is out of print so I can only enjoy it now through our local library. Fingers crossed I find a reasonably-priced one soon!)

Happy 2022

 Hope you all had a wonderful New Year's Day:) Here's hoping 2022 will be less of a dumpster fire than 2021...fingers crossed..... (photography by Aloysius Carlos; edited by me:)) My fave...the outtakes...bwahaha This shoot was organized by my two sisters (outdoors, of course, because covid) younger sis, mom, older sis, moi How is your New Year going so far?