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What have I been watching #30

 So, I thought I'd just share the ones I've seen lately that I've liked...I've been re-watching a lot of old films so I won't include that here:) 1) The Secrets of Dumbledore I was originally not going to watch this in support of Johnny Depp (who was fabulous as Grindelwald in the previous movie), but as big fan of the franchise, I was curious and gave in. I actually liked this film a lot, but I still think this would have been much better with Johnny (Sorry Mads Mikkelsen.). My fave is definitely Jude Law, but I also loved Callum Turner as Theseus and Jessica Williams as Prof. Hicks. 2) Moon Knight Oscar Isaac....enough said. 3) Halloween Kills I liked the Halloween film that preceded this more, but this was still ok. I think the main reason I wasn't too impressed was because of the ending...sigh.... What have you been watching lately?

Easter 2022

 This is the first time in two years that we were able to go to church for Easter, which is an important event for us Catholics. It's a bittersweet event, because it's great to finally be able to celebrate it as a community again, but also a bit sad and scary, as cases are going up again in our city, and who knows what will happen in the future.  Anyhoo, thought I'd share an outfit pic of what I wore:D I sewed this dress years ago, and I still like wearing it.:) Excuse the scowl...the sun was right on my face, and my photographer (aka my daughter) wanted to the pic in a hurry...LOL inside the church with my eldest and youngest My middle child is an altar server every Sunday, and here he was during Easter service. Do you celebrate Easter? How was your weekend anyhoo?

Already torn

 Will I ever get tired of wearing these jeans I've had for forever? No....not at all... I remember wearing these jeans a lot when I was a volunteer at my kids' school. One of the moms there (who actually became a good friend but sadly passed away from cancer)  thought I was in dire need of money.  #TrueStory old Evil Twins jeans from Urban Outfitters, UNIQLO turtleneck, Adidas sneakers Are you a fan of the distressed look in fashion? It comes and goes, like any trend, but it's something I will always gravitate to. 

A new beginning

 If you guys have been following me for awhile now here or on Twitter, you might know that I am more of a traditional artist and use oil paints (on a canvas) as my main method of painting. This year, however, I decided to learn digital painting. I figured...why not? I've always loved learning (have always been a nerd), and life is too short not to try, right? Mainly using Loish's tutorials on Patreon (I just did a blog post on her here ), I created my first official digital art using Procreate (on an iPad). Here's a 30-second time lapse: Since I've had Photoshop for forever (used it for photography and even took a class on it), I decided it's about time to learn how to use it for art...wut?!?! Here's my first setup using the Huion Inspiroy drawing tablet (inherited from my middle child): Here's my setup now, using Wacom One Using another Loish tutorial on Patreon, here's a water rendering painting I did...not my best but I learned a lot! Just in case you