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Some handmade stuff for the holidays

 I hope you're all having a wonderful holiday/winter break so far. Just thought I'd share some stuff I made for family members for our Christmas celebration:) 1) Made two quilts for my sisters:)  The Minion one is a lap quilt size for my older sis, and the smaller one is a doggie quilt for my younger sis who just got a puppy:) The recipients:D 2) Quilted mug rugs These are great for the coffee/tea drinkers in your life, and quite quick to make! Did you guys get any handmade stuff for the holidays? Do you like receiving handmade goods?

Happy Holidays 2021

 Wishing all of you a wonderful holiday season, and if you celebrate, a Merry Christmas:) BTW, my daughter just had her Christmas recital. Here's a short video of her singing:)


 Soooo....when I made the quilt for my daughter , my husband said..."Hey! Wouldn't it be nice if I have one too"...or something to that effect. So, what's a girl to do, right? (He also rarely asks for anything, so....yeah....:D) Advanced Merry Christmas gift to hubby it is! For this quilt, I was inspired by the quilts of Gee's Bend . front back This quilt is approximately 76" by 77". ..a lot bigger than what I made for my daughter! This is what's called an improv quilt , which is basically not using any pattern and just kinda doing whatever you feel like, with a few parameters (like only using certain colours or shapes). I also used a no-ruler method, whereby I just eyeballed everything and didn't bother being precise to really make it feel like an organic piece.  (I made the mistake of thinking that the no-ruler method will be was not! ) I bought the batting from Michael's (middle part of the quilt sandwich) and a fat-quarter set

Go the distance

 Trying to wear this shacket before it gets terribly cold, you guys:) I must say....I can't get enough of it, and it's becoming my most worn item to date. Calvin Klein oversized shacket, worn with old Old Navy sweater and UNIQLO pants, Nike shoes Out and about:) What is one item in your closet you've been wearing a lot lately?