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Adieu, Nordstrom

 Nordstrom came to Canada in 2014, but alas, will be closing down soon (by June 2023). All I'm gonna say is that at least, they lasted longer than Target.... Anyhoo, we decided to go visit the Nordstrom in Yorkdale Mall to look at the liquidation sale. Not gonna lie...not too impressed and I didn't get anything. 5% off really is not much off anything, and only saw a few items with the 20% off (mostly lingerie and robes and such) :( Here's my outfit while shopping (I always take these pics in a UNIQLO store btw:D) Nordstrom, we hardly knew ye.

March Break 2023

 This March Break went by soooo quickly! We just did stuff around the city so nothing too exciting. It was just great to hang out with the kiddos, I guess:D 1) Hung out with my family 2) Went to Royal Ontario Museum My eldest is in university but his campus is right beside the ROM so he was able to go with us after his class! I recorded a vlog of our trip here: 3) Hung out at malls for some shopping. We are such mall rats! #sorrynotsorry What do you guys usually do during March/Spring break?

What have I been watching #35

 I've actually seen a lot of movies and shows lately since my last update, but many of them were re-watches or plainly not good, so I'll just talk here about the ones I've seen recently and liked:) images from unless otherwise stated 1)Re/Member (on Netflix) Not the scariest Japanese horror, but I thought it had a really great cast, and the love story was cute:) 2)Come Play (on Netflix)  Another one that's not too scary, but I still loved the plot and the little boy playing the main character was great in it. 3) Attack on Titan Final Season Part 3 I was waiting for this for a long time, and man, this first instalment as AMAZEBALLZ!!!! I really can't recommend this animé enough:) image from 4) Scream (on Netflix) I'm a big fan of the original franchise (yes...even the 4th film:)) so this was no-brainer for me. Even though the end was predictable, I still loved this:) What have you been watching lately? Did you guys see the Oscars last n

New in...when 1 becomes 2

 Ugh! I don't really like posting hauls back to back, but this was such a deal! The sweaters I've been eyeing went on a 50% sale, plus it's Buy 1 Get 1 free! What?!?!? Gotta love end-of-season sale:D Produkt mens' sweaters from The Bay Decided to give this one to my middle child Love this one:) Out and about Wearing the new sweater with my previous Oak and Fort coat haul with my husband who just celebrated his birthday:D How was your weekend? Did you do any shopping?