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#FanExpoCanada 2023 (Picture Heavy)

 It's that time of the year again....nearing the end of summer means Fan Expo time, where you get to meet celebs of your fave shows/movie and hang out with fellow nerds who love animé, Star Wars and all other good stuff:) Our own version of San Diego Comic Con. My kids did cosplay this year: - My eldest wore the Fullmetal Alchemist costume I sewed last year for my middle child. - My middle child was Nanami from Jujutsu Kaisen. - My youngest was Evan Peter's character from American Horror Story Season 1. Here are pics I took of the day:) I did my daughter's makeup. We had to be up before everyone to do her face! Me and the hubby (aka the assistants hahaha) There were sooooo many people it was really overwhelming! Two Nanamis!  waiting in line Matthew Lillard (Scream/ Scooby films)  was the coolest dude. He went out of his photo op booth to meet the fans beforehand! hehe autograph line for Zachary Levi end of the day hehe And the celeb photo ops we did this year....:D with Br

Beauty Faves 2023

 These are the beauty products I've been using for awhile now and can honestly recommend because they're amazing:) 1) Muji Skincare There was a period this year I was trying out different skin care products but unfortunately, they broke me out:( In the end, I ended up going back to these Muji products. I can honestly say Muji skin care products are really great, especially if you have sensitive skin. They are reasonably priced to boot! Muji Aging Care Moisturizing Milk and Light Toning Water 2) Make Up For Ever foundations I used to freelance as a makeup artist and even then, I've always loved the brand's products. Their foundations are great, and you honestly can't go wrong with any of them IMO.  (Here is my website if you are interested. I maintain it coz I still do makeup for friends and family.) Make Up For Ever HD Skin foundation What are your current beauty faves?

Taste of Danforth 2023

 The Taste of Danforth was an annual street festival here in Toronto until three years ago when COVID happened...and this year, it finally was held again! My family was able to go, and I thought I'd just share some pics:) We basically just ate our hearts out. Do you like going to street festivals?

New in....Peachy keen

My latest addition to the wardrobe....a new pair of Converse, and got them on sale too at Urban Outfitters! Yay! Converse All-Stars in Peach Love this colour so much! Any new addition to your wardrobe lately?