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When it gets to you

This is me my little corner...not doing much aside from the usual. I've also lost my voice (literally), and unable to speak without some pain because of a throat issue. Unable as well to get more than a couple of hours of sleep everyday. And so...sometimes, when you just feel a bit off, and you see what's going on out there, some kind  of woefulness just creeps up. (Comments are disabled for this post. Will be back to regular blog posts soon.)

To the finish line

Just wanna share the latest stuff I've done and some finished projects:)  1) Shawl ( Find Your Fade pattern by Andrea Mowry) I started this shawl when the quarantine began, and I honestly thought by the time I finish, life will be back to normal. Oh, how wrong I was! 2) Crocheted blanket for my sis-in-law ( Crochet Beginner Blanket  pattern from Knit Picks) 3) More masks sewn to give out 4) As for reading... Finished the bottom book ( love this book sooooo much ); currently reading the one in the middle; to read the one on top (which I've actually read halfway through years ago, but planning to finish this time) Bottom up: Lessons in Classical Drawing by Juliette Aristides, Leonardo da Vinci by Walter Isaacson, Van Gogh; The Life by Steven Naifeh and Gregory White Smith Just an FYI if you are new to my blog...I have a YouTube art channel. Here is the last vid I uploaded:) What have you guys been up to lately? Anything y

Influence: John Singer Sargent (1856-1925)

"I have met this last week a young of the most talented fellows I have ever come across; his drawings are like the old masters, and his colour is equally fine...He speaks as well in French, German, Italian as does in English, has a fine ear for music, etc. Such men wake one up, and, as his principles are equal to his talents, I hope to have his friendship." - Julian Alden Weir all images from Are you familiar with Sargent's works? Who is your inspiration/influence?

Easter 2020

This will be the first time for many of us Catholics that Holy Week will go by without being in church, but such is life. The great thing is that you can pray anywhere:) If you celebrate (or even if you don't), wishing you a blessed Good Friday, and a Happy Easter! a page from my sketchbook:)

Masking it

It has been advised (in Canada, anyway) that wearing non-medical masks is recommended if you are out and about (especially if taking public transportation or going grocery shopping) to avoid spreading the covid19 virus in case you are one of those asymptomatic ones. Honestly, our family does have those disposable ones in that you can get in stores, but I thought I'd sew some anyway since they are so easy to make and are also more environmentally-friendly as they are re-usable. And soooo.....thought I'd share how I made them. I used the video from Joann's. Super easy to make (although I did the pleats differently). Here's some pics of the process: I cut all the fabric and interfacing all at once to make it easy to sew them all together. I used quilting cotton, as it is tightly woven enough, and is comfortable agains the skin. The interfacing acts as the filter. ironing the interfacing to the fabric sewing the pleats The finished masks My h

I'm walkin on sunshine....

Now that the weather is getting warmer, it's been harder for people to #StayAtHome because of covid19. I get it. We all want to be out and about and go on with our lives. I myself still go out for quick walks for some fresh air (while keeping distance, of course). Hence, this outfit. (It forces me to get out of my jammies!) But you know what? The more people not follow the rules, the more people will get infected and the longer this self-quarantine will go on. Why don't we all try to be less selfish, k? Roots sweater, Love Child pants, Vans slip ons How are you all doing? As always, stay safe:)