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What have I been watching #19

 Movies/shows I've just seen or currently watching that I'e been loving:) all images from 1) Tenet I've always been a big Christopher Nolan fan, and was so happy to have finally been able to watch it. It would've been nice to see it in the theatre, but oh well... Just an awesome movie dealing with time travel, and well, Robert Pattinson:D 2)Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood My two teenaged boys have been telling me to watch this for forever, and finally did, and man....what a great animé! Great plot, and well-paced (although it was over 60 episodes so it did take me awhile...lolz) 3) Alice in Borderland Binge-watched this Netflix series, you guys!!!! Another show I loved loved loved. A bit gory in some scenes, but such great characters, played by the perfect cast. A cross between Battle Royale and Alice in Wonderland (obviously:)) Can't wait for season 2! 4) Sweet Home Another Netflix show...Korean horror. Another show that had a great cast, and also made me

Kung Hei Fat Choi 2021

 Definitely a different experience this year. Although my in-laws are technically a part of our circle, Toronto can't have any private indoor gathering, so we dropped by their house to greet each other, pick up our red pockets, and...well, that's about it. No eating together or anything like that. Hopefully, next year, things will be back to normal. (Honestly, though, we are so used to it by now, so no biggie.) And took some random pics in our church parking lot during the weekend. LOLZ. Seriously though... we are lucky that our church  (and parish priest )is able to hold masses for 8 people at a time (booked by appointment) and thank the Lord we've been able to go the past few weeks.  How was your Valentine's Day? And did you celebrate the Lunar New Year?

An ode to Adirondack

  my beloved Ugg Australia Adirondack For more than a decade Trampling through snow and puddles A constant companion.

Obsession #53

 I've been obsessing lately over fashion illustration lately, in particular the work of Anna Kiper.  Anna Kiper's awesome book Fashion Illustration I've had her book since 2018, and even did a flip through of it on my YouTube channel. Lately, though, her work has been an obsession, you guys. You can see for yourself why I love it soooo much. One of my fave pages. Anna Kiper's work is just sublime. She really is such an inspiration. Here is a page from my art journal page, with a drawing I did inspired by her. (PS Sorry for the slightly blurry photos. They looked fine on my phone...sigh....) What are you obsessing over lately?