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Obsession #59- Coats

 Well, it's starting to get colder here in our part of the world. Even though I'm more of a summer girl, one thing I do like about fall/winter is the being able to wear coats:) Ones I recently tried: Sam Edelman coat at The Bay from UNIQLO Honestly, I probably won't be buying a new one for this season as I love the Calvin Klein one I got last year, but I am kinda itching to sew one, so who knows... Are you thinking of a new purchase for this fall/winter season?

What have I been watching #33

 Since my last update, I've seen a lot of shows and movies, so I'm not gonna put all of them here, but just the ones I liked/currently liking:D all images from TV series: 1) The Sandman I though I'd start off with my fave out of all I've seen...I am so obsessed with Tom Sturridge as Morpheus/Dream! I highly recommend this series. You can't really go wrong with anything by Neil Gaiman (author of the graphic novel this was based on.) 2) LOTR: The Rings of Power Loving this so far, and love the cast....except maybe for Galadriel. (I just don't like her acting:( ) 3) House of the Dragon As a GOT fan, I knew I had to watch this. Ok so far....Matt Smith is awesome as always. 4) Attack on Titan Currently binge-watching this. An old series...I know, but I get the hype now. My sons have been telling me to watch this for forever. LOVE LOVE LOVE. 5) All Of Us Are Dead Kinda slow at first, but it did get better, and has zombies so that's a win for me

Last one for the year

 Because we were not able to go to Niagara Falls this summer, we decided to go this weekend. This is probably the last visit for the year.  I honestly thought it wouldn't be too busy because school has started and the weather was not too nice, but there were still a lot of tourists (which was good for the businesses, so that's ok, I guess.). Anyhoo, pics below:) All the flags were at half-mast for Queen Elizabeth. Niagara Falls is definitely one place we all like to go to. Waterfalls are so lucky, and give such a positive energy.  Do you have a place in your state that you constantly visit? Edit: Yes...these teen-aged boys don't smile for the camera anymore....ugh!

Let's Go To The Ex 2022

 After a two-year hiatus, the CNE  is back this year! It's an annual tradition for us (like the Fan Expo), so we were all super excited to attend.  (Here is my last CNE post .) What's eldest also is working for the CNE this year! (It's his first job ever!) Because he is working late hours (today is the last day), we decided to go late during the day so we could see him work, and we ended up staying until his shift ended. (It was a long day....) Anyhoo, as always, here are some pics I took the day we went. We all took the GO Train instead of was more convenient:) When we first arrived, the crowd wasn't too bad...yay! (PS It did get crowded by the time the sun went down.) My youngest sister and her husband joined us later:) And some pics I took with my phone:) Took this pic of my eldest while he was on a break:) We watched a show with the Innova Irish Dance Company....they were so good! Night time fun:) The drone light show...this was taken at arou