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Oh, Marius!

 Soooooo...I know we are going into summer soon here in North America, but guys, I just finished knitting a piece I am really quite proud of. Felt like I was knitting this for forever, but I started this April 17th so it's actually not too bad. It had, however, a lot of steps like steeking (cutting up your knitting for an opening) and sewing in facings which are really quite tedious, but's done! Anyhoo, here is my Marius cardigan. The Marius cardigan is quite an iconic piece in Norwegian knitting. out and about My newly knitted Marius cardigan out in public:D The details: I used the pattern from the Norwegian yarn company Sandnes Garn (the yarn I actually used), which you can buy here . Marius Cardigan Me sewing in the facing for one of the sleeves... And here are videos of me steeking (First video is me sewing in the front of the cardigan before cutting it up so that it doesn't fray. Second video is me actually cutting up the front. You do these for the sleeves o

Obsession #55

 Soooo...if you guys saw my last post, you know that I've been watching a lot of Nordic Noir stuff lately. What does that mean? means that now, I'm obsessing over sweaters because most of these shows have awesome knitwear.  The good thing is that I knit. The bad thing is that it's almost summer here, sweaters are not the fastest pieces to make, and the yarn (if you want the good stuff) costs a lot of money. Sigh.... Anyhoo, here are some "looks" I've been obsessing over lately. image from Gansey (image from Kátir Karlar sweater (image from Hulda Icelandic sweater (image from image from Inspiration: the show Trapped (image from What is your obsession lately? PS Happy Victoria Day to my fellow Canadians!

What have I been watching #22

 Hi guys! Time for another film/TV post....stuff I've been loving lately:) Guys....I've been obsessing over European crime drama shows, especially the Nordic Noir genre . Images form  (streamed from Netflix or Amazon unless otherwise stated) 1) Sorjonen ("Bordertown" on Netlfix) A great show, with a lead who's the Finnish equivalent of Sherlock Holmes, with his own version of Moriarty (the character of Maasalo). Not only does this show have great crime plot lines, the personal drama is pretty awesome as well. Love love love. 2) The Valhalla Murders Too bad there's only one season of this show. Love the lead actress Nìna Filipusdøttir who played the policewoman Kata, and her crime profiler partner Arnar (played by Björn Thors). 3) Shetland Not really of the Nordic Noir genre, but it has the same kinda vibe. A great crime drama series, with an awesome Scottish setting. (As a knitter, Shetland has a special place in my heart:D) 4) The Raven As an Edgar A

Celebrating the little things

 I know these past few months have been super hard for the whole world, but I have to keep reminding myself that every day we are here and alive is a blessing. (Being able to post these silly outfit posts is something I try not to take for granted.) This year's Mother's Day, we were still unable to get together, but we were still able to drop by and see my mom's and my husband's mum. Even though it's not the best situation, I am still glad that we were able to "celebrate" it. old dress from Urban Outfitters, Muji shirt, Vans slip on Luckily, my mom and in-laws have been vaccinated. YAY! How was your weekend?

Repeat offender

 I can't believe it's May already, you guys! Ack! This year is going so fast and so slow at the same time, if you know what I mean.... Anyhoo, I thought that since I'm not buying a lot of new clothes this year, I might as well wear the stuff I made more often. This sweater was first featured in 2018 here , wearing the EXACT. SAME. OUTFIT. Hey! If it works, right? LOL sweater I knitted, BDG jeans, Vans slip ons Do you find you're buying less clothes/shoes and accessories f because of the pandemic, or is everything pretty much the same? PS I did acquire a new easel (thanks, hubby!). Here's the video I did showing my first impression of it:D