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I'm getting used to this.

I don't understand why people think wearing a mask is an infringement of freedom. Like...seriously...I see on social media all these peeps saying "Oh, you're just being a sheep.", or that "I've been around people and I haven't gotten sick.", or that "This is a free country. We can do what we like." Well then, you shouldn't complain if stores kick you out for not wearing masks. Stores are free to do that, too! I am seriously losing hope in humanity. (Another benefit of always wearing a mask now: I don't have to wear makeup....bwahaha!)

Obsession #49

Summer will be upon us here in North America. This past weekend, we had such a nice hot weather that  I've been really eyeing shorts. Yes....I am still on my no-new-buying-clothes this year, but hey, a girl can look, right? all images from 1) RE/DONE The Shorts 2) The Rascal Slit Flip Shorts What have you been wanting lately?

I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself.

 Currently watching the movie GI Jane as I write this post, and man...that is such an inspiring and kick-ass movie that I always feel really uplifted and that I can do anything after seeing it. The title is from DH Lawrence's poem that was featured in the movie:) Self-Pity I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself. A small bird will drop frozen dead from a bough without ever having felt sorry for itself. Muji sweater, UNIQLO pants, Birkenstocks Channeling Katniss..bahahaa It was such a beautiful day when this was taken that we were able to do some gardening! Is there a movie that always inspires you? PS To my Canuck friends, Happy Victoria Day!

Then and now

Being in lockdown has made me go through a lot of my old stuff...even here in on the blog, you guys! For example, I looked for the first pic I posted of me with the kids. Here's the pic, featured on this July 2011 post. And now...this is the latest blog pic of the 4 of us, posted this past Christmas . Ho...leee....crap.... The scary thing is that they've grown taller since!!! What have you all been up to lately?

Madness May

I can't believe it's May, you guys! This year has been so crazy, and I can't believe it's not even half way through...cray cray. The good thing is that things are starting to bloom, and even though these photos are just in our backyard, it's great to finally see spring has really sprung:) I think this sweater is from my mum (worn with Calvin Klein pants and Vans slip ons). close up of the sweater..I really like it:) I've been styling her hair during the quarantine...hahaha! PS In case you have some time, I did an art studio tour on my YouTube channel:) How are things where you are? Are things still on lockdown for you?