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Currently loving #56

 This year, I decided to read a lot more t han previous years. It's been a great start to the year so far, so yay! (If you're on Goodreads, here's my account:) Anyhoo, I decided to get a new Kobo (my old one broke around 2015....LOLZ), and man, it's been such a game changer! It definitely increased my book-reading mojo. Plus, it's so easy to borrow books from the library using Overdrive! It's a Kobo Clara 2E        Personalized my cover with stickers. Can you guess from what TV show that pineapple one refers to? Hehe I still, however, love to buy physical books. The ones below are the recent acquisitions. Have read most of them already:D (The Devil of Nanking and Book of Night were two books I borrowed from the library but ended up buying my own copies coz I loved them so much!) And can you guess who my current fave authors are? LOLZ Here we are buying more books:D What are you reading currently?

Easter 2023

 Hey hey! Time for another Easter post:D (Here's the one from last year) As a Catholic, Easter is a big deal for us...right up there with Christmas. This year, we went to church as always. My mother then had an Easter luncheon at her apartment. (We also did a belated celebration of my birthday:D) Here are some pics I took:) My middle child is an altar server, so it was a busy week for him. My younger sis made this cake for me:) Easter food! If you celebrate Easter, how was it? How was your weekend in general?


 If you guys have been following me for awhile, then you know that I'm a big fan of the animé Attack On Titan (AoT). Well, guess what? One of my fave stores UNIQLO just launched an AoT collection! Wut?!?!? Of course, I had to go there and get my shirts....bwahaha:D (BTW, the title of this post means "To dedicate", and it's a word used on one of AoT's theme songs.) I got the brown shirt for my middle child, but the black and white are mine. Here's me wearing the white shirt. I felt like a summer camp counsellor in this outfit...hehe And this is why I don't like wearing white... I pretty much stained the shirt the first time I wore it:( My husband said I need a bib when I eat....waaaaaah! Are you guys a fan of animé? I recently saw Chainsaw Man (only one season so far) and loved that as well!