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Let's go to to the Ex 2016

The annual family tradition of going to the CNE  continues. It's always something we look forward to attending close to the end of summer, you guys. As usual, pics below:D Pokémons everywhere! A live show was going on.... There was an Augmenting Reality exhibit that was pretty cool. Since I got my sewing machine from last year's CNE, I thought I'd keep the tradition and got myself a serger. Woo hoo! How was your weekend, guys?

Latest Me-Made

Here are just a couple of stuff I made over the summer to get ready for the colder months. 1) I love how this sweater turned out, and it was an easy knit to boot. Pattern can be found here . Worsted Boxy sweater  2) My sister-in-law bought this DMC Top This hat kit for me to knit for the little one. This was another easy project with such a cute result:) 3) My husband rarely requests anything, but one thing he did want me to make for him are boxers coz these are items he buys a lot of. I thought I'd give this pattern from Diana Rupp's Sew Everything Workshop book a go, and it worked out great. I didn't bother matching the fabric pattern as this was just a test, but next time for sure:) The Foxy Boxers In case you're curious, this is me when I knit.  The husband jokes I'm  Peg Bundy except I knit and eat chips instead of bonbons when watching my TV shows/listening to podcasts. "Oh, Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal!"

It is coming....

 I can tell summer is ending, because there has been rain some days and the heat waves are getting shorter and shorter...meh. I have been feeling under the weather, so that's meh, too. Anyhoo, still trying to wear my summer outfits. Hey, as long as there's no snow, right? old top I sewed, Old Navy skirt, Alejandrina's sandals And of course, another appearance by the photo bomber. I purposely told her to not get into the shot, and what does she do? Are you just as sad as I am that summer is ending?

Party at the back

Hand-me-down top from my mom worn with Banana Republic tank, Zara jeans, Ugg Australia Kay clogs These clogs are sooooooo comfortable, you guys!

Smorgasbord (Picture-Heavy)

It's been a busy summer so far, enjoying the heat and gallivanting around town. Last week, we had a chance to go away for a couple of days and. It's the usual trip the kiddos love: Great Wolf Lodge, going to see Niagara Falls (which is super close to GWL), and shopping, of course! Well, the shopping is probably more for me...ahem.... Here are some pics:) Enjoying the warm summer night.... It was super hot that day we decided to see the falls, so walking around was a bit of an ordeal for the kids and the hubby, but they still enjoyed it...I think.... He was not impressed. We were in and out of gift shops to cool down. Then back at at GWL. Eating while enjoying the view of the Great Wolf Lodge water park.... At the arcade: Doing the Wooly Mammoth ride...weeeee!!! Walking around at night (Honestly, though, I just took them out to get some stuff at the Pokéstop outside the lodge...hehe) The obligatory chair sho