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What have I been watching #29- a whole lotta Zoë

 Some films I've seen since my last "What have I been watching post" :) 1) The Pyramid An old-ish horror film I just recently saw. Not the scariest, but I thought it was ok. 2) Gemini Great cast but the story line was kinda stupid. Had to watch it though coz I love Zoë Kravitz:) 3) Kimi Can't really go wrong with Zoë.:D A bit slow but the last 30 minutes was worth it. 4) Nausicää and the Valley of the Wind I can't believe I just recently saw this. This is a Hayao Miyazaki film, and it has become one of my top fave films. Even though this was released in 1984, the animation still stands today, and what a great story to boot. 11 out of 10:D 5) The Batman Being a Twihard, this was a no-brainer for me, and man, Robert and Zoë...what chemistry! Love love love this rendition of Batman. 6) Nightmare Alley Honestly, not my fave del Toro film, but what a great cast. 7) Dune Every second of this film was just beautiful. Totally worth the hype that it got. And what I'm c

March Break 2022

 Last week was March Break here in Canada, so I thought I'd share some pics of what we did:) First up...Niagara Falls! My middle child changed his jacket into this one. He's really into dressing nice so I told him to bring this coat with him just in case...LOLZ me sketching (my family knows that I do this when we're out and about and there's beautiful scenery outside:D) We went to the movie theatre for the first time in two years! (We watched The Batman. It was awesome.) We went to a park to enjoy the nice-ish weather we were having. What do you guys do during your spring break?

Inspiration: #Loish

 I've been a huge fan of Lois Van Baarle, or simply known as Loish , for awhile now. She's an amazing Dutch digital artist who has worked for Lego, Guerrilla Games and Coca-Cola.I just started supporting her on Patreon  , where she shares a lot of tutorials and more art work:) Her work has been such an inspiration...something about her art work just speaks to me, probably because she was influenced a lot growing up by The Little Mermaid, and that is one of my all-time favourite Disney films! I constantly turn to her two books, The Art of Loish and The Sketchbook of Loish. She also has a third one coming out soon:) Here are samples of her works (from her website ):  Even though I'm a traditional artist  and Loish's work is digital, I tend to do do a lot of studies of her works, mainly in my art journal:) I did this with watercolour, colour pencils and aquapastels from the Jane Davenport line. same as above:) I've decided to dabble with digital art, using an old draw

Feeling blue

 Latest outfit-of-the-day post:) Coat I made myself (Ezra pattern from Alabama Chanin using their organic knit fabric), old American Eagle jeans, Gap tank top and Adidas sneakers Haul of the Day: Hubby got me a Nezuko (from Demon Slayer) stuff toy from Hot Topic....yassss! (even though it was actually HIS  birthday this past weekend....LOLZ)