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Obsession #57 (and some shameless self-promotion)

 I want these white Doc Martens! What have you been obsessing over lately? BTW, I don't know if everyone here knows, but I have a YouTube Art channel. Here is the link:)  Please subscribe...I would love to connect with you there, too:) If you are interested in seeing one of my sketchbooks, I have scanned and uploaded a PDF file of one of my completed ones (all the pages)! It's on sale at Gumroad for only $5.00 Cdn.:) Here is a sample page:) PS Last day of February, everyone...let us hope and pray that March goes a lot better.

Oh, do I love thee? #AlabamaChanin

 If you've been reading my blog for the past few months, then you know my love for Alabama Chanin. Here's the newest addition to my wardrobe. :) Alabama Chanin Flora Waffle Sweatshirt, worn with North Face jacket, UNIQLO pants, and Vans sneakers The organic waffle knit fabric is naturally dyed using Sappanwood sawdust, and the foliage design is hand-painted! What I love about Alabama Chanin is that many of their pieces are one-of-a-kind. PS It was my eldest's birthday when these pics were taken:) How was your weekend? Any new purchases lately?

What have I been watching #28

 These are the movies/TV shows I've seen and loved since my last "what have I been watching" post:) 1) Horns I love how Daniel Radcliffe does all these interesting characters in films after Harry Potter. Horns is one of those. It's an old-ish movie but I just recently saw it, and loved loved loved it! Great plot, and although the twist is pretty predictable, the cast makes this movie worth a watch. 2) Raw This is another old-ish movie I just saw, and was super gory, even for someone like me who doesn't really mind gore. Anyhoo, I liked this movie because of the unique plot line, and Garance Marillier was fantastic as the lead. 3) The Night House This was one of those slow burner films...but once it got going, it got going! Another horror movie with a great plot IMO and Rebecca Hall as the lead was just awesome (I do think she's such a great actress and underrated in Hollywood.) 4) Antlers I've been dying to see this film and so happy it's fin


 My photographer (aka my youngest daughter bwahaha) actually asked me why I'm taking pictures of my outfits when I wear the same thing all the time. Wut?!?! The nerve! Well...she's actually right..... I do love my Calvin Klein shacket! My middle child is still growing and I can't even.... with our photographer hahaha old turtleneck from UNIQLO, pants from Urban Outfitters, Timberland boots, old Reed Krakoff Boxer bag