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I could've danced all night...

 When Pattern Review announced that it was having its 20th Anniversary Contest, I knew I had to make something to show my appreciation for this sewing site. With my obsession for Alabama Chanin, I knew I had to make something that would be represent my love for both, and thus, I knew I had to sew this dress. What can I say? It's a great twirling dress, and makes me want to dance....hehe...Let's do this! I used the Alabama Chanin Panel Tank pattern, and hand-sewed everything....reverse-appliqu├ęs, the seams, and binding. The pattern I airbrushed on the first layer is also by Alabama Chanin called New Leaves. Alabama Chanin Panel Tank ( dress version) Behind the scenes:)

Currently loving #55- Book raves

 I recently just finished reading two books that have really made an impression...two books that I highly recommend you get your hands on if you have not done so yet. 1) The Dressmakers of Auschwitz by Lucy Adlington (non-fiction) I knew this was going to be a hard read from the beginning, and by "hard" I mean emotional and gut-wrenching. As you can see by the book cover, it is the true story of the female Jewish prisoners who became dressmakers while in the concentration camps, sewing for the Nazi wives.  I tend to not read books like this because, frankly, everyday life is hard nowadays for everyone. This book, however, even with its depressing content, was also uplifting and inspirational. These women...I can only aspire to be half as brave as they were. 2) The Road by Cormac McCarthy (fiction) I've been hearing of this book for a long time but avoided reading it because my husband (who has read it before) said it was one of the bleakest books he's read. I finally

New in: The oversized shacket

 It's been awhile since I bought a coat...well, relatively speaking, I guess. (Last one was a raincoat that I got in 2019). When I saw this coat, however, I just got so excited and knew I had to have it. Calvin Klein  shacket in Denim Plaid  from The Bay  at Scarborough Town Centre The shacket is such a big trend this season! Although I don't really buy "trendy" stuff as I just kinda buy whatever catches my eye, this was an item that I did feel was worth having. My original intent was to sew one, but well...hubby was kind enough to buy this for me, so yay! I kid you not..I've had people come up and say they love the coat when I was wearing this! (Honestly, I've been wearing it everyday since I got it...LOLZ) The great thing about this shacket is that it's made of thick material and also lined, so you can wear this on winter too. Just the right "oversized" fit for me! Are you a fan of the shacket?

What have I been watching #26

 These are shows and movies I've seen or  watching right now that I am loving:) all images from 1) The Tale of the Nine-Tailed Thought I'd start off with what I'm currently watching and OBSESSED WITH! I've been a huge Lee Dong Wook fan since watching him on Goblin (I even made a post on it), so I can't believe I only started watching this show. I am trying so hard not to binge-watch it coz, man....I LOVE THIS SHOW! Dong Wook as the nine-tailed fox....I am just swooning. He's so perfect for this role, and I like his co-star Jo Bo-ah as well.  Kim Bum from Boys over Flowers is also here as Dong Wook's younger brother so double yay:D 2) Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It I loved the first two movies, so this was a no-brainer for me. Loved it, of course, although I must admit it's not as scary (IMO) as the first one. 3) Midnight Mass  I love Mike Flanagan's works (have posted before about his other Netflix series Haunting of Bly Manor and Hang


 My youngest had been using a 15-year-old blanket (hand-me-down from her siblings), and she refused to part with it! I told her I'd make her one, and that's the only way she conceded....what a sentimental girl., this one. Anyhoo...I made her a quilt! It's the first one I've ever sewn, but I've been meaning to make one for the longest time. It's actually good that I finally had an excuse to sew it:) Front of the quilt (size is 58" x 71") Back of the quilt I just used a bunch of old fabric scarps I've had from old projects, but I did buy the batting (what you insert between the top and back layer) from our local Michael's.  I really enjoyed making this, and it was fairly quick to sew coz it's just a simple patchwork design. I also used the sewing machine for everything...even finishing the binding. Behind the scenes: Basting the layers together (which I thought was probably the hardest part...LOLZ) I had to do most of the sewing on our dining