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Electric pink

I seriously wish these hair colours don't fade out so quickly. Unfortunately, after a couple of washings, you just lose the vibrancy no matter what brand you use. I guess that's why they call it semi-permanent, right? Anyhoo,  the good thing is that you can change colours so quickly:P sheer top from Hot Topic worn with Topshop tank, American Eagle jeans, Vans slip ons I've worn this top many times in this blog, and I'm pretty sure I've mentioned how I love the short front/long back...heh! Peace out!

The other way around

I don't know why, but I've been wearing a lot more dark colours now that it's starting to warm up over here. What can I say? I'm like a salmon... going against the flow. :D Old dress I sewed with Vans slip ons Wore it with the coat I also sewed (which I just wore in the last blog post) As a side note, I was just at Eaton Centre the other day and discovered that a stand-alone NYX store just opened there! I was so excited I forgot to take pics, but here's the small haul: NYX Tinted Brow Mascara in Espresso and Ombre Lip Duo in Cinnamon and Spice Dropped by Urban Outfitters, and got a small haul there was well: Tony Moly sheet mask to try and a Calvin Klein sports bra on sale...woot! Do you guys wear dark colours too in the warmer weather? And any hauls lately?

Down the rabbit hole

The latest thing I sewed...a coat, you guys. Made so many mistakes while making this, but I ended up really liking the finished garment. Coat I sewed using Lotta Jansdotter 's Pilvi Coat pattern from her book Everyday Style, Wilfred top, no-name leggings, Birkenstocks  And guys, since I've been really into Korean dramas and the Asian skin care routine, Pacific Mall trips have been frequent and really quite dangerous for the wallet.  The greatest thing about my new Kdrama obsession is that it's tiding me over while waiting for the new Walking Dead season and Game of Thrones episodes...heh! Anyhoo, here's the latest haul from there... From Broadcast Entertainment and Fantasia store 1) Descendants of the Sun pouch and postcard set 2) My Love From The Star OST I may have squeed a little when the lady at the store showed me this. Guys, this show has 21 episodes (with an epilogue) and I finished it in less than week! (It came out in 2013 so all the epis


" Haku : Where's Sen? What happened? Please, tell me.  Kamajii : Don't you remember anything?  Haku : Just little pieces. Chihiro kept calling my name in the darkness. I followed her voice and woke up lying here.  Kamajii : Chihiro, huh? Her real name's Chihiro? Can't beat the power of love." -from the film Spirited Away BDG shirt from Urban Outfitters, Spirited Away tank from Hot Topic, Zara jeans, Vans slip ons

From start to finish

I thought I'd chronicle how a simple sewing project goes for me, from beginning to end. For those of you who don't sew, I'd like you to know that if I can do it, anyone can... seriously . And for those of you who do, I thought you might get a kick anyway of how a newish sewer does it:D (As a reference, I've been sewing since the end of August 2015.) 1) The pattern (instructions and pattern pieces): Simplicity 8101 2) I trace the pattern pieces into this paper, so that I can re-use the pattern again. (A pattern envelope contains pieces for different sizes, and especially for kids' patterns, you can keep re-using them until the child gets too big:D) 3) I then put the pattern pieces on top of the fabric, usually folded with right sides together (for the bigger front and back pieces) and cut on the straight grain . I didn't bother ironing the fabric after pre-washing it with this project, but this is a no-no. I just got lazy.  I then transf

#KBeauty Shopping and Haul (Picture-Heavy)

As I've mentioned in this post , we live pretty close to Pacific Mall, which makes it easy to go shopping for AB (Asian Beauty) stuff. Admittedly, now that I'm into the whole K-beauty thing, going there is not good for my wallet (or my husband's...heehee). I thought I'd give you a peek of what's in there. These pics are not of the whole mall though, coz I was with my husband and I guess there's only so much a guy can take before he has had enough of skin care shopping. Guys don't like beauty shopping?!?! Wut?!?! (He insisted I mention "long-suffering husband"...anyways....) If you're in the Greater Toronto Area and haven't been to this mall, I highly recommend it. Visit the Market Village beside it as well, where there are some beauty stores like the Beauty Garden and Amore. (I will admit that I never go there on weekends though, coz it does get crazy!) Let's begin, shall we? Every time we go there, first thing we do is (of cour